Loafing Sheds

One of the most utilized buildings on a farm or ranch is the Loafing Shed. In the past loafing sheds were made of wood. Also known as a stable, loafing sheds have been serving the cultivator for a very long time. Coast to Coast Carports offers state of the art steel loafing sheds with wooded kick walls available to protect livestock. Regular and a-frame style loafing sheds are available with many options.

Loafing sheds from Coast to Coast Carports have many options and features available. First, every loafing shed comes with mobile home anchors to secure the building to the ground. If installation is on cement, concrete anchor bolts will be used instead. Gabled ends make a great sun block and directional rain guard. The recommended vertical roof on the a-frame style loafing sheds is a stronger roof that better allows rain and debris to run off the roof to the rear of the building.
Horse stalls, horse sheds, hay sheds, and calving and fawning stables have all been made from a basic loafing shed.  Coast to Coast Carports can build them all. Weather one need a loafing shed to birth some calves in a field, or a dry place for their kids to stand while waiting for the bus, this reliable metal shed will get the job done.


Kick walls – Our kick walls are screwed directly to the steel framing on the inside of a loafing shed. The wood on these kick walls is ¾” thick and 4’ tall.

Gabled End – The gabled end of a loafing shed is different from that of a carport gabled end. On a loafing shed, the gable extends for the stretch of the opening of the loafing shed and is approximately 3’ wide.

Center Pole(s) – The largest an opening to a loafing shed can be is 15’ wide. Once the width exceeds that, additional legs must be set to support the weight of the roof.

Anchoring – A loafing shed is built like a sail, so additional anchoring in the form of mobile home anchors or equal is standard on every loafing shed. If a customer does not want the extra anchoring they must sign a waiver indicating that they understand the risks. Customers can of coarse purchase additional anchoring such as cement ground anchors or optional ground concrete supports.

Tack Room – Any loafing shed can be equipped with a tack or saddle room on either side. The tack room can have walk in doors, roll up doors, and windows to make for a convenient work space.



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The carport is a very strong and attractive structure, but I was more impressed with the installers. They had it fully constructed in an hour or less with no problems or guesswork. The two men worked like a professional team and built it in an orderly fashion. My hats off to Reuben and his partner. Anyone who needs a carport can't go wrong with Coast to Coast. Ken Mathis Mena, Arkansas

Ken Mathis   Mena, Arkansas

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