Riding Arenas

An indoor Riding Arena is the ideal place to host a Rodeo or county fair.  Coast to Coast Carports building large riding arenas with clear span areas of 100′ wide and as long as needed.

Coast to Coast’s galvanized steel tubing resists rust and gives your riding arena the size and strength required of a good indoor riding arena.  Web truss framing reduces the costs and provides the strength it needs to meet or exceed building codes.  The large buildings do not need a cement pad, but do require a continuous concrete footer along the walls of the building.  In areas were animals can hurt themselves by damaging part of the metal building, wood kick walls are available.


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We want to thank you for hiring Adan!
They were so friendly + polite and WOW what Workers! They answered my questions on why so+so.
We could not believe how everything was synchronized. They were wonderful and our Red Carport is beautiful!

Jim , Kansas

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