Deluxe Carports

Sometimes a normal metal building just will not cut it. Some locations need a little more architecture than the regular style or a-frame style carports offer. For this, Coast to Coast Carports offers a Deluxe Carport. The deluxe carport has a impressive roof look with a copula-like extension built into the peak of the roof. All deluxe style buildings come with a vertical roof and open sides. Every option is available on deluxe building as any other building.

Style and charm are added, not additional support, by upgrading to a deluxe style carport. The deluxe style is for those customers who know what they want and have a sense of architectural style. Price is reflected by the quality of building being purchased.


Often, the deluxe style of building is mistaken for the A-Frame Barn style. This is not surprising for their similarity in outside appearance. However, a deluxe carport or garage can only be as wide as 30’ wide. When a customer wants the deluxe style wider than thirty feet wide, they can upgrade to an A-frame barn. The difference between the two buildings is that the barn has two extra rows of legs, forming 3 sections of building.


Deluxe style carports can be enclosed on one, two, three, or all sides to create a deluxe style garage. Other options like walk-in-doors roll up garage doors, windows, anchors, insulation and more are available for deluxe style carports and deluxe buildings.

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We want to thank you for hiring Adan!
They were so friendly + polite and WOW what Workers! They answered my questions on why so+so.
We could not believe how everything was synchronized. They were wonderful and our Red Carport is beautiful!

Jim , Kansas

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