Utility Carports

Maximize a space’s utility by building a Utility Carport, which is a hybrid of a small garage or shed and a carport. Coast to Coast Carports offers utility carports all across the continental United States. A utility carport is chosen to make use of the easy access carport with the added benefit of storing more sensitive equipment in the enclosed section. Utility carports come in either regular style of a-frame style.

A-Frame utility carports have the recommended option to add a vertical roof. Coast to Coast Carports has pre-packaged side entry utility carports with vertical roofs. Contact us to learn more. The storage unit can come with roll up garage doors, walk in doors, and windows. Other options like wood floors and insulation can make for a comfortable work room.
Many customers will park ATV’s, lawn mowers, tractors, boats, or cars under the carport section and use the storage section for lawn tools, mechanic tools, or other random things that are used often. The garage door under the cover of the carport makes it easy to access item in the storage department during any weather conditions.

Sizes – Utility Carports can come in almost any size. The most common sizes are found between 18’x31’x6’ and 30’x41’x7’. The standard sizes of storage areas are 10’-12’ depending on the area.

Doors – Garage roll up doors are traditionally placed under the covered area and are usually 8‘x7’ in size. Other sizes are of course available. Walk in doors are usually placed on the sides of the storage areas to allow ease of access when vehicles block the roll up doors. Coast to Coast offers walk-in doors that are 32”x72”.

Side Entry – Any unit can be made into a side entry utility carport. The leg height must be at least 7’ tall and additional costs will be added.

Insulation – Foil-Foam-Foil,  roll out insulation can be added to help maintain temperatures in the metal storage area.



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The carport is a very strong and attractive structure, but I was more impressed with the installers. They had it fully constructed in an hour or less with no problems or guesswork. The two men worked like a professional team and built it in an orderly fashion. My hats off to Reuben and his partner. Anyone who needs a carport can't go wrong with Coast to Coast. Ken Mathis Mena, Arkansas

Ken Mathis , Mena, Arkansas

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