Clear-Span Buildings

Coast to Coast Carports, Inc. is proud to offer free-span metal buildings up to 100’ wide and as long as needed. The free span (clear of supporting legs) buildings can be constructed to fit any commercial or residential need. Every steel building is carefully manufactured by Coast to Coast’s fabrication teams. Like all of their buildings, they are installed by trained, professional installation crews.


Web truss engineered designs allow for super strong and affordable trusses that span as wide as 100’ to be fabricated from the same galvanized steel tubing that all of Coast to Coast Carports’ buildings are made from. This web truss design includes a ‘web’ of triangular shapes formed from the precise welding of the fabrication teams. Forklifts are required to lift the great trusses into place as the professional installation crews weld and bolt them together.


Clear-span buildings are used to make a variety of structures. Some buyers use clear-span buildings as large carports for semi trucks or busses. Clear-span buildings are the beginnings of warehouses and some workshops. Businesses need wide open, un obstructed floor plans to drive equipment through or store large items. Coast to Coast Carports, Inc. uses their self steel clear-span buildings to operate fabrication facilities in. They also use them as loading bays for their installation crews as they load up for the upcoming building deliveries.


Aircraft hangars are often built from Coast to Coast Carports, Inc.’s clear-span buildings. Coast to Coast does not supply the side-sliding doors, but they do frame for them. A free-span steel building from this metal building company makes an affordable and quick way to commandeer an Aircraft hangar.



Sizes – Maximum width of a building from Coast to Coast carports is 100’. There is no maximum length. We have yet to turn down a building because it was too tall, having built buildings with leg heights in excess of 20 feet.

Options – Clear Span Buildings have options available such as walk-in doors, windows, transparent panels, commercial sized roll up doors, insulation, interior panels, and more.

Foundation – A web truss building from Coast to Coast Carports, Inc. must be on a foundation of cement. This can be an entire cement pad or a continuous concrete footer. We ask that the outer 1.5’ of the pad be 2’ deep for proper support.

Pitches – Standard roof pitch for our buildings is a 3’/12’ pitch. Some other pitches can be accommodated.

Install Time – Construction of the web trusses and other parts can take a few weeks, depending on availability. Once the parts are constructed, they will be freighted to the work site. Actual construction time depends on the building size, so it varies between a couple days to several weeks.

Other Costs – Apart from the affordable cost of the Clear-Span Building, customers can expect to pay for freight, forklift fees, and engineer drawings and calculations for certification. These costs are usually about 2.5% the cost of the building.


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The carport is a very strong and attractive structure, but I was more impressed with the installers. They had it fully constructed in an hour or less with no problems or guesswork. The two men worked like a professional team and built it in an orderly fashion. My hats off to Reuben and his partner. Anyone who needs a carport can't go wrong with Coast to Coast. Ken Mathis Mena, Arkansas

Ken Mathis , Mena, Arkansas

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