We have 3 Styles of Garages

Regular Style Garages

Regular Style Garages – The Curved Corners and simplistic look of the Regular Style Garage makes this building a popular choice among our clients. If you shop all day, you will not find better value in a garage. These metal garages are built from galvanized steel tubing and steel sheeting. Many different color options and combinations, along with customizable detentions makes for an easy time making you structure go anywhere. Free delivery and installation can happen on any surface; ground, gravel, cement, or asphalt.

A-Frame Horizontal Garages

A-Frame Horizontal Garage – The A-frame Garage is identified by the boxed-eve look. Coast to Coast Carport customers often want to match an existing building like their house, and the A-Frame Horizontal Garage is the way to do it. With options like garage roll up doors, walk-in doors, windows, insulation, and more, this metal garage can really increase your property value.

A-Frame Vertical Garages

A-frame Vertical Garage – The added structure that a vertical roof gives increases the strength of the roof and help prevent leaking in the future. A vertical roof is recommended by Coast to Coast Carports because of the added roof strength and how it allows water and debris to run easily off the sides. The A-frame vertical roof garage is best of our garage selections. Add vertical sides and ends for an even better building.

Coast to Coast Carports constructs high quality metal Garages all across the United States. If you’re trying to shop for a garage, then look no further. Our state of the art steel garage designs maximize square footage and structural integrity for the lowest costs. We do not like to call our buildings cheap buildings, but you just will not find a better building for less. We can deliver on ground or cement for free. All of our buildings come with free delivery and installation. Coast to Coast’s garages come in three styles: Regular (Horizontal), A-Frame Horizontal, and A-Frame Vertical.


I have been working with your company for over a month, the second crew was Amazing and did a Fantastic Job! I have to tell you that Mary and Ruth put up with me the whole time. The carport looks and is a dream come true, I rarely give complements but have to in this case. Thanks to them. They worked with me in dealing with the first crew and got the best second crew I have ever seen. Thanks Again for a Great product and would refer it to anybody in the mountains that I live in!

Don   The Hills