Beat the Heat with Some Shade from a Metal Building

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With recent announcements of the Section 232 steel tariffs, domestic steel demand has drastically increased bringing steel material pricing to an all-time high. Therefore we have been forced to change our pricing as we cannot absorb such an increase. Please make sure and get your order in as soon as possible. Coast to Coast Carports will have new pricing in affect by March-26-2018. Feel free to contact any of our sales team if you have any questions.

Beat the Heat with Some Shade from a Metal Building

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Custom Metal Buildings

Beat the Heat with Some Shade from a Metal Building

This otherwise amazing season can feel miserable when you have to step into a sun-baked car. Parking in the shade can do more than just make your seat cool when you get in.

Parking in the sun does a lot of damage to your car, inside and out:

  • Fades paint
  • Fades interior materials
  • Cracks leather
  • Cracks some plastics
  • Weakens interior parts
  • Fades door handles
  • Can damage things inside the vehicle like cell phones or makeup
  • Fades steering wheel

One simple solution to all this would be to park in the shade. And yes, we can build you some shade. Here are some simple metal buildings.


Custom Metal Building - Campers


A solid build, custom metal carport or metal building protects your investments! We build custom metal carports, metal barns, metal boat shelters, metal buildings that protect your camper and much more. Made to withstand the harsh weather environments, winter or summer, Coast to Coast Carports are used all over the USA.

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