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Coast to Coast Carports builds big barns from galvanized steel tubing and steel panels. These tough buildings can endure conditions that most buildings made from other materials would not stand up to. With a 20 year rust through warranty on our 12 gauge tubing, a buyer knows they are buying a building that will last. Coast to Coast Carports offers three styles of barns plus custom barns. A-Frame barn, Regular barn, and Straight Roof barn styles have pre-packaged kits that can be installed in a day. We offer free delivery and installation on normal purchases to make it easy on our customers. Whether you need a hay barn, horse barn, hog barn, storage barn, or a frame for a barn house, Coast to Coast Carports will build what you need.

Coast to Coast Carports takes the traditional barn raising and turns it into a 3 man job that takes as little as 8 hours. What took a community of volunteers most of a day plus weeks of planning, now is done in a fraction of the time. A buyer will prepare his/her site for the Coast to Coast crew’s arrival. The foundation can be just about any kind of foundation as long as it is flat. Coast to Coast has anchoring for barns on almost any surface.

A-Frame Barns

By Far our most popular barn, the a-frame barns have it all; splendid design, cost effective, Vertical roof option available, spacious, and certifiable. A-Frame barns come standard with the center portions open and one side open, however any combination is available, with any roll up door placement.

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Regular Style Barns

The more traditional appearing barn, the regular style barn is an American classic. The innovative, industrial design allows for more barn with less cash. The regular style barn is perfect for hay or tractor storage. Available roll up doors, walk-in doors, and windows make this building notable.

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Straight Roof Barns

As the name implies, flat roof barns have flat roofs. That is one continuous slope from the peak to the sides. Flat roof barns have the vertical roof option and are ideal for storing three or more large pieces of equipment under. One continuous roof make for fewer opportunities for leaks to form.

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Gambrel Barns

A metal gambrel barn is an affordable way to add covered storage space to your property. This unique style is classic, attractive, and popular. Click to learn more about the convenient and durable metal barns offered by Coast to Coast Carports.

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