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A Boat Garage Will Help Keep Your Boat Safe

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Custom Built Metal Boat Garages and Shelters

A Boat Garage Will Help Keep Your Boat Safe

Whatever size of boat you have, whether it is small or up to over 32 feet long, a boat garage is the recommended storage option to protect your investment. If you have never considered a garage for your boat before, at least consider this: your boat is susceptible to the negative effects of all types of weather and, just like your car, needs to be stored in a place that offers shelter from the damaging effects of the sun as well as the destructive consequences ice, snow, and freezing temperatures can produce. A boat garage is the answer to all of those issues.

A Variety of Boat Garages – Custom Built

There are a variety of boat storage options from storing smaller ones upside down on dry ground to wet docking larger boats, allowing them to remain afloat. While all of those choices are about where to store your boat, they don’t provide effective protection from much of anything. Boats.com points out that, even if you leave your boat at a dock, it is wise to provide cover to guard it not only against the weather but from vandalism, too. While you can opt for plastic coverings, they aren’t practical for large boats, and a canvas covered frame doesn’t provide secure protection.

Contact Coast to Coast Carports, Inc. for the most effective protection for your boat. They specialize in carports, but they can also construct a full-blown boat garage to your specifications that will be as secure as it is sturdy. Have it erected on your property to have your boat close-by, or have it put up at the dock to keep your boat safe and protected in wet dock. Coast to Coast Carports uses high quality metal and offers an exclusive 20-year warranty on all 12 gauge products. A garage from Coast to Coast Carports offers the best protection for your boat in or out of the water.

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