Loafing Sheds

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Metal Loafing Sheds

One of the most utilized buildings on a farm or ranch is the loafing shed. Also commonly known as a stable, loafing sheds have always been a staple for farm owners everywhere. In the past, loafing sheds were made of wood, but at Coast To Coast Carports, we offer state-of-the-art steel loafing sheds with wooded kick walls available to protect livestock. Whether you choose a regular and A-frame style loafing sheds, we offer a wide array of options to meet your needs and budget. Learn more about our high-quality, customizable loafing sheds and how they can better benefit you.


Sturdy & Secure Loafing Sheds

All of our loafing sheds come with mobile home anchors to safely secure the structure to the ground. If the installation is on cement, concrete anchor bolts will be used instead. The gabled ends of our loafing sheds make for a great sunshade and directional rain guard. However, we recommend taking advantage of the vertical roof on the A-frame style loafing shed for a stronger option that allows rain and debris to run off the roof to the rear of the building more efficiently.

No matter what you need, Coast to Coast Carports can build it! Our customers have turned our basic loafing shed into horse stalls, horse sheds, hay sheds, and calving and fawning stables. Whether you need a loafing shed to birth some calves in a field or just a dry place for your kids to stand while waiting for the bus, a reliable metal shed from Coast To Coast Carports will get the job done. Discover additional details on the specifications of our standard loafing sheds below.

Kick walls

A kick wall can be a crucial feature to add to your loafing shed if you’re using it for animals. These wooden boards are designed to keep your animals and other equipment from press against the metal wall of your structure. The kick wall protects both your animals and your building. The kick walls on our loafing sheds are screwed directly to the steel framing for added stability. The wood on these kick walls is ¾” thick and 4’ tall.

Gabled End

The gabled end of a loafing shed is different from that of a carport gabled end. On a loafing shed, the gable extends for the stretch of the opening of the loafing shed, which is approximately 3 feet wide. This extension of the gabled end on your loafing shed provides for more protection from the sun and rain.

Center Pole(s)

The largest opening on our typical loafing sheds is 15’ wide. Once the width exceeds these dimensions, additional legs must be set to support the weight of the roof.


A loafing shed is built like a sail. This design means additional anchoring in the form of mobile home anchors is standard on every loafing shed. Customers can also purchase additional anchoring, such as cement ground anchors or optional ground concrete supports.

Tack Room

All loafing sheds can be equipped with a tack or saddle room on either side. The tack room can have walk-in doors, roll-up doors, and windows to make for a convenient workspace.

At Coast To Coast Carports, we offer our customers more than just standard carports. Contact us today for more information or a custom quote on a metal loafing shed to best suit your needs

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