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Custom Buildings

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Custom Buildings

Coast to Coast Carports, Inc. builds metal buildings to customers’ specifications. Galvanized steel tubing is extremely strong, durable, and lightweight, making it the perfect material to build complex and new buildings. Utilizing Coast to Coast’s web truss build opens up a plethora of building option and ideas. Find out how little Coast to Coast will charge to build the building of your dreams.


Limited only by the space available to build and the 80’ wide clear span maximum, building options are limitless. A steel dog kennel, or an aircraft hangar, no job is too big or too small for Coast to Coast Carports, Inc. Because we use the same basic materials on every building, our crews are very experienced and our costs are down.

When most people think of a uniquely custom structure, they usually assume it will be constructed from wood because wood as a longer history of being easily modified. Coast to Coast Carports can mold, cut, weld, and bend galvanized steel tubing to as many or more custom situations as wood is able to be. Only, metal is a lot stronger than wood.

Custom Doors

Coast to Coast offers roll up garage and commercial doors in various sizes and walk in doors in one size. Coast to Coast does not specialize in the door industry, so to make it possible for every customer to have the door installed that they desire, Coast to Coast Carports can frame out any size or shape for a custom door to be put in by another company the specializes in doors.

Custom Windows

Coast to Coast only offers one generic window, but will frame for the installation of custom windows that would be installed after our crews are finished.

Custom Sizes

Coast to Coast Carports offers generic sizes which are built in masses to reduce delivery time and costs. However, Coast to Coast owns the shops that fabricate the building frames, so almost ANY custom size building can be specially ordered down to the inch.

Custom Paneling

Pro ribbed steel, 29 gauge panels come in 12 different colors. These panels can be pre cut to fit any foreseen need, as well as cut on site for the unforeseen obstacles that must be worked around. Panel and trim colors can be mismatched in any way using the 12 available colors.

Custom Shapes

Using web truss basics and precise welding, Coast to Coast Carports can manufacture almost any building. Gazebos, patios, and boat docks have all been fabricated by the Coast to Coast team. Custom shapes also include framing for odd shaped windows or openings.

Custom Pitches (roof slope)

Some areas require stepper roof slopes that the 3/12 pitch that is standard on all of Coast to Coast’s buildings. Some carports or garages need to match the step pitch of surrounding classic homes and building. Creating pitches as steep as 6/12 (that is a 6’ rise for every 12’ of roof width, also a 45º slope).

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