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Steel Warehouses

Industrial sized steel buildings are a fast, easy, and affordable way to grow or start a business. Coast to Coast Carports combines engineered web truss designs with their affordable galvanized square tubing to create a warehouse that can be clear span up to 100 feet wide and limitlessly long.

Large Metal Warehouses

Steel warehouses built by Coast to Coast Carports are strong and reliable. They are able to certify these big metal buildings to meet or exceed most building codes for snow loads and wind loads. Large warehouses are automatically upgraded with vertical roof, sides, and ends.


Web Truss buildings are most impressive. An image of modern engineering coming to life, web truss warehouses impress both our customers and their affiliates. Insulation and interior panels are available to make a more complete and temperature controlled structure.

Most warehouses have large entrances with large doors. Roll up garage doors and commercial roll up doors are available for our warehouses. Coast to Coast Carports, Inc.’s standard door sizes range from 6’x6’ to 12’x12’, but special sizes up to 18’x18’ can be ordered. We also frame out for custom doors.


Maximum width of a building from Coast to Coast carports is 100’. There is no maximum length. We have yet to turn down a building because it was too tall, having built buildings with leg heights in excess of 20 feet.


Warehouses have options available such as walk-in doors, windows, transparent panels, commercial sized roll up doors, insulation, interior panels, and more.


A web truss building from Coast to Coast Carports, Inc. must be on a foundation of cement. This can be an entire cement pad or a continuous concrete footer. We ask that the outer 1.5’ of the pad be 2’ deep for proper support.


Standard roof pitch for our buildings is a 3’/12’ pitch. Some other pitches can be accommodated.

Building Time

Construction of the web trusses and other parts can take a few weeks, depending on availability. Once the parts are constructed, they will be freighted to the work site. Actual construction time depends on the building size, so it varies between a couple days to several weeks.

Other Costs

Apart from the affordable cost of the warehouse building, customers can expect to pay for freight, forklift fees, and engineer drawings and calculations for certification. These costs are usually about 2.5% the cost of the building.

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