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Carports vs Garages – Which One Do You Need?

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Carports vs Garages – Which One Do You Need?

Homeowners know that upgrades happen over a long time rather than all at once. If your home didn’t come with a garage, you might eventually find yourself deciding what to do about sheltering your car from the elements.

Should you build a garage? Maybe you should purchase a carport instead. Or you could also always keep the car outside, unprotected from the elements.

It isn’t as straightforward decision to make as you might think. There are several factors you need to consider before choosing between a carport, having a garage built, or leaving things the way they are.

Benefits of a Carport

Carports are frequently associated with condominium or apartment living. In these situations, a covered parking spot is more than enough for resident’s needs. However, they’re becoming increasingly popular with homeowners.

The biggest advantage, of course, is that a carport is much less expensive to build than a garage. The next benefit is for people who have turned an existing garage into extra storage (pushing the car out) or have converted it into living space. Rather than leaving the car unprotected from snow, hail, rain, and paint-damaging sun — a carport is a quick and inexpensive solution.

A carport will do more than help keep the family car in excellent condition. It will also make you more comfortable. When it’s raining or snowing, you won’t have to run to the car in your driveway under an umbrella, spend an hour shoveling yourself out from last night’s snowstorm, or bake in a car if that’s been sitting in the sun for hours.

A Garage Adds Value to Your Home

Having a garage on your property will increase the attractiveness of it to potential buyers and add to the value of your home. A garage is a secure place to store your car, mower, tools, and home overflow. Depending on your family size and where you live, a garage may be the best solution for your circumstances.

Carport vs Garage

The downside of using a carport is that it can only protect your vehicle so much. Your car will still be exposed to dust, extremes temperatures, and there will be a higher risk of accidental damage. Security can also be an issue. Most importantly, carports can’t offer secure storage space. Anything you leave under one is there for the taking. If you have tools, auto supplies, etc., you’ll need someplace else to keep them safe.

The Junk Factor

When all you need is a somewhat protected place to park a vehicle, having a garage built could be a temporary solution at best. The United States Department of Energy reported in 2010 that 25% of adults that own a two-car garage had accumulated so much clutter that they no longer have room for a car. Ultimately a carport becomes the final solution to their parking needs. Sometimes a garage is too tempting to use as a storeroom.

Coast to Coast Carports

Regardless whether you decide a carport or garage is the best choice for your home, please visit Coast to Coast Carports and check out their range of attractive, well-built, and easy to erect options in a wide variety of prices and styles. They can help you find what works best for you and develop a custom garage or carport that perfectly suits your needs.

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