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Metal Carports & More for Sale

Coast To Coast Carports specializes in the construction of high quality metal carports. These aren’t like the carports from retail stores. Those are often pinned and taped together. Coast To Coast Carports delivers and installs steel carports on ground or cement that are built to last. Our buildings that upgrade to 12-gauge tubing come with 20 year rust-through warranties. A carport can have one of three roof styles. These include a Regular (Horizontal) or rounded corners style, A-Frame Horizontal, and A-Frame Vertical. We recommend the vertical roof for its added strength and extra durability. Carports can be front entry or side entry carports. We are happy to work with you to find the best style and structure for your carport.

Our high-quality metal carports are at the top of the carport industry. We use all American made products and materials. Our customers are not only buying a superior product, they are also supporting the American economy. We are proud to provide free delivery and installation. We combine this with high quality buildings and low prices. You won’t find a better value than here at Coast To Coast Carports. We have a wide variety of styles and structures to suit your needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to cover a car, camper, RV, or boat. We carry the right kind of carport for you.

Regular Style Carports

These rounded-corner carports capture the eye of many of our customers with their rolling, sleek look and great price. Regular style metal carports require less material. They also need less assembly thanks to their industrial design. This allows us to offer them at a more affordable rate. Get your free quote on a regular style carport today.

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A-Frame Horizontal Carports

This boxed eave style unit is popular with carport shoppers that want to match a house or another building. The A-Frame horizontal carports are stronger than their comparable Regular style carports. The horizontal option is the more affordable of the two A-Frame styles. Look at what you can do with an A-Frame carport. Call Coast To Coast to find out more.

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A-Frame Vertical Carports

This is the cream of the crop when it comes to carports. When you shop for a carport, you will not find a stronger carport than an A-Frame vertical carport with a vertical roof, especially if you upgrade to the 12ga framing. Vertical roof carports have additional bracing in the roof. Additionally, the direction of the roofing panels allows water and debris to run off more easily. See about the strength and versatility of a vertical carport yourself. Contact a customer service representative at Coast To Coast to discover more.

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Side Entry Carports

A side entry carport is an elegant version of a metal carport. The trimmed legs and gabled ends make for an appealing structure. It can also be made to match most color schemes. Side entry carports can be regular or a-frame style with a vertical or horizontal roof. Find out more about what you can do with the class and customizability of a side entry carport.

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Deluxe Carports

The Deluxe Carport is a prime specimen of steel engineering creating an attractive and strong structure. All Deluxe metal carports come with a vertical roof and are available in 12 or 14-gauge framing. Upgrade to experience why our deluxe model has become so popular with our customers.

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RV Carports

An RV is an important investment. It’s also something worth protecting. That means you’re going to want a custom fitted RV cover. Add the vertical roof option and additional anchoring for a high quality steel structure that will protect and preserve your Recreational Vehicle or Camper Trailer for as long as you need. Get in touch with the pros at Coast To Coast today to see how we can cover your camper or RV.

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Utility Carports

Do you need a covered area supplied by a carport? Do you also require an enclosed, protected area for storage? Then you’re looking for a Utility Carport. Coast To Coast Carports offers the building of choice for those seeking to maximize their space. We can provide both covered and enclosed sections of a metal building to suit your purpose.

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Camper Carports & Garages

Are you looking for a good way to protect your camper during the off-season? Do you need to protect the camper from the harsh winter weather or the sun beating down on it? Weather and the elements can dull the paint job. That’s not to mention other damaging effects. Check out an affordable way to protect your campers with a new custom built camper garage or shelter.

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Boat Carports & Shelters

We can build custom boat shelters and garages. The boat garages can be enclosed or open. They can also be in combination with another type of building. Getting your boat under shelter in a solid metal boat garage or shelter will help protect it from the environment during the off-season.

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