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A-Frame Vertical Carports

At Coast To Coast Carports, we offer a wide variety of convenient and affordable metal carports for sale, but our most popular and best-selling option is our A-frame vertical roof carport. Our customers love these carports due to the strength that the vertical roof provides. The vertical roof is constructed with additional hat channels in the rafters. Hat channels are steel beams that look like hats and add durability and stability to the roof. We also build our A-frame vertical roof carports so the ribs of the roof panels run with the slope of the roof, which allows water, snow, and debris to run off with ease.

Not all A-frame vertical roof carports are created equal. But you can rest assured that, when you buy from Coast To Coast, you’re receiving a great product at an affordable price. You can choose between both 12-gauge and 14-gauge framing depending on your needs and your budget. Both options are built to withstand plenty of wear and tear, so regardless of which option you choose, your carport will last for years to come. Do you think an A-frame vertical carport might be right for you? Continue reading below to learn more about this great option and then contact Coast to Coast Carports today to speak to one of our friendly staff members.


About A-Frame Vertical Carports

Year after year, A-frame vertical carports are among our best-selling metal carports because they’re stronger than regular style carports. A regular style metal carport will get the job done, but for customers looking for exceptional durability, an A-frame vertical carport is the wisest choice. Our vertical carports come standard with 14-gauge steel framing. However, when upgraded to our 12-gauge steel option, the A-frame vertical carport becomes far and away one of the sturdiest carports we offer. We also provide additional braces, extra bows, and more powerful anchors to customers looking for added strength and stability. These features can make your A-frame vertical carport stand up to just about anything.


One of the biggest benefits of our A-frame vertical roof carports is the strength of the roof. To start, we use steel panels that are 3 feet wide to construct our metal buildings. Most of our carports and other metal buildings have bows, which is a metal arch that makes up the roof. We space the bows at 4 or 5-foot centers (a center refers to the space between one leg and the next, or from one bow to the next). You can see that a panel would fall through the center if the panel is laid parallel with the bows (as is done on the vertical roof). To prevent this, we use hat channels. The hat channels are fastened to the bows perpendicularly. This adds more stability to the roof and provides rafters where we can attach the panels. Finally, we cover the gap at the peak where the left and right side panels meet with a ridge cap length of trim.

Options & Extras

While purchasing a base model metal carport will provide ample coverage and protection for your vehicle as-is, we have a number of additional options available for our A-frame vertical carports. These include gabled ends, extra panels, extra braces, and extra bows and legs. Coast To Coast Carports is also pleased to provide height extensions, pitch adjustment (standard pitch is 3/12), concrete anchors, and mobile home anchors. Other extras are optional ground concrete supports, our 12-gauge steel upgrade, certification, roof insulation, and 12 different color options. Take a look through our catalog or talk to one of our friendly staff members to find out more about our available options. No matter what your metal carport needs may be, we can help.


Many of our customers choose to add gabled ends to their vertical carports, which fill the triangular space between the tops of the legs and the peak of the building. A gabled end cuts down on your clearance height, but at the same time, it adds more support and gives the steel building a more refined look. Gabled ends can be added to the front, back, or both ends of a metal carport.


When purchasing an A-frame carport, it’s important to determine how much clearance you need. The goal is to have enough vertical space inside your carport once it’s installed. Finding the clearance for your vertical carport is relatively simple: start with the leg height. The roof has a standard pitch of 3/12. This measurement means the roof will rise 3 feet for every 12 feet of width. Alternatively, this is equal to a ¼ pitch. In that case, go up one foot for every 4 feet of width. If you aren’t sure what size carport to order, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll walk you through the steps of determining the proper height and clearance you’ll want to meet your needs.


Every carport from Coast To Coast Carports comes with free delivery and installation. We’re happy to offer this service as part of your purchase price regardless of whether you plan to install your new metal carport on ground or cement. We’ll include cement anchor bolts for cement carport installations and fasten them into drilled holes. Then, they’re bolted to the carport’s base rail. For a ground installation that’s not on cement, it’s the customer’s responsibility to level the area and contact their local “call before you dig” agency to ensure the site is prepped safely. Once the site is ready, we’ll install the carport with standard pin anchors. However, these anchors should only be considered temporary. We recommend that buyers upgrade to stronger anchors if they are expecting wind or snow conditions. We use a 3-foot rebar anchor with a nail head top for our bin anchors. These are inserted into the ground through the carport’s base rail. Learn more about our installation options by talking to the pros at Coast To Coast Carports.


We highly recommend that our customers have their metal carports certified after purchasing and installing them. This certification ensures the carport meets or exceed local building codes and regulations. Coast To Coast Carports can certify carports to meet wind and snow load requirements almost anywhere. Certifying your carport requires the addition of several new parts and features. That means adding the necessary bows, braces, and stronger anchors. These are made to meet wind loads of 90+ mph and snow loads starting at 20 pounds and up to 90 pounds per square foot. Higher certification is also available if needed. Simply contact a helpful representative at Coast To Coast Carports or an authorized dealer for further details.


If you’re ready to purchase your vertical roof metal carport, or if you need more information on our metal carports for sale, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you with any questions or walk you through your purchase.

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