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Boat Garages and Sheds

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Metal Boat Shelters

Everyone loves having a boat. A boat is the perfect way to get away for fishing or just enjoying some time on the water. But where do you keep your boat off-season? It’s not always practical to leave your vehicle at the dock. It can also quickly become expensive. Dock fees aren’t cheap. Or maybe you keep your boat at your house instead of the marina. You need a safe place to store your boat. That’s where Coast To Coast Carports Comes in. Our metal boat garages and steel boat sheds are the answer.

Coast To Coast Carports offers the perfect solution for your boat parking and off-season storage needs. We can help you keep the sun and run off your boat. These convenient shelters are accessible from both ends. That means no annoying backing up is required to drop off your boat. They can also be installed on your property, or over your dock, depending on your needs.

Our carports have been used by many outdoorsmen as a great place to keep their boats. Don’t let your boat get damaged by exposing it to unnecessary wind and rain. Give Coast To Coast Carports a call today. Talk to us about finding the perfect shelter for your fishing or motor boat. Fill out our online form for your free quote. Let us help you keep your boat in its best shape all year round.


Take some time to look through our gallery of available garages and sheds. We build our fully enclosed metal boat shelters with wide doors. This makes parking your boat easier than ever. A metal boat shelter offers the ultimate shelter from the elements. You can also have your metal boat garage insulated for added protection. Provide some climate control to keep your boat nice and cozy during the off-season.

Metal Boat Shed Styles

We offer our metal boat sheds and garages in the same variety of styles as the other great products from Coast To Coast Carports. Choose from regular, A-frame horizontal, and A-frame vertical models. The A-frame vertical model is our strongest and most robust model. The regular and A-frame horizontal options are also excellent choices. These are convenient and more cost-effective while not as tough as the vertical model. The regular style shelter is our most affordable model. This has also helped to make it one of the most popular among new buyers. You can enjoy all of these great products in a variety of different colors. Talk with one of our employees to get the structure you want.

Coast To Coast Carports is also able to assist with commercial boat storage. With our customizable boat storage facilities, we can work with you for what you need. Contact our sales department to discuss more details. Our team can help you customize your order to maximize your profits.

Boats aren’t always cheap. That’s why it’s important to make sure you take care of your vessel. With a steel boat shelter or garage from Coast To Coast Carports you can keep your boat covered. Whether at home or on the dock, we can keep your boat safe from the weather. Get in touch with our team of pros today.

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