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Regular Style Carports

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Regular Roof Carports

Quality and affordability are two traits that describe the regular (rounded corner) carports offered by Coast To Coast Carports. We make use of industrial design and superior building materials. This allows Coast To Coast Carports to built super sturdy metal carports at very low prices. The regular style carport is the most affordable option we have available. This has helped to make it the most popular and affordable carport style with new shoppers. See below for more details about regular style models from Coast To Coast Carports. Talk to one of our experts today. We can help you find the quality carport that’s right for you.


About Regular Style Carports

Regular style carports are available in 12 and 14-gauge steel framing. The 14-gauge frame is the company standard. There are added benefits for upgrading to the stronger 12-gauge steel. 12-gauge steel buildings will receive a 20 year rust-through warranty. Certification is also available on the regular style carports. At different levels of certification, a regular style carport can be constructed to meet or exceed building codes and regulations in most areas. Get in touch with our team to learn more about certification and how we can help.

All regular style carports come with a standard horizontal roof. The 29-gauge panels run perpendicular to the bows. The bows are the metal arches making up the roof’s framework. These assist in the structural integrity of your carport. We can also provide additional braces and bows. This can help to enhance the durability of the steel building. Discover more about your options for a quality affordable carport. Request your quote online or call now for details.

Options and extras

Coast To Coast Carports is pleased to offer a variety of options and extras. Additional features for our regular style carports include gabled ends, height extensions, and pitch adjustment. The standard pitch is 3/12. We also provide concrete and mobile home anchors. Customers can request options ground concrete supports. Ask about our 12-gauge upgrade, building certifications, and roof insulation. We want you to get the carport that you want. That’s why we offer 14 different color options for you to choose from. Ask to see our catalog for more info and available options.

Roof Clearance

Here’s how you determine your regular style carport’s clearance. Begin with the height of the legs. The standard pitch of the roof is 3/12. That translates to the roof rising three feet with every 12 feet of width. Think of this as roughly the same as a ¼ pitch. That would mean that you go up one foot for every four feet you move to the side. There is close to nine inches of space from the top of the legs to the spot where the roof starts to slope. This is for a regular style structure. Let’s look at this thinking of an 18 foot wide regular style carport with 6 foot high legs.

Here is how you measure the clearance. Look at the leg height of 6 feet, and add the nine inches to the roof where it begins its slope. This puts us at 6 feet 9 inches. Then start moving toward the peak of the roof. This is in the center of the building. Count four feet in, and go up one foot. Four feet inward you should have a clearance of 7 feet, 9 inches. Keep doing this until you finally reach the peak of the building. For our example, it’s nine feet from a leg to the peak. That the rise will be two feet, four inches. You also have to add the original nine inches from the leg, in addition to the leg height. All together, the peak will have a clearance of about 9 feet, 2 inches. Don’t forget to take the top brace into account. This is going to bring the peak down a few inches. If you have questions, our friendly team of experts is here to help.

Cement or Ground installation

Coast To Coast Carports is pleased to offer free delivery and installation for our affordable carports. This is the same no matter if you want it installed on the ground or on cement. We include cement anchor bolts for cement installation projects. We’ll pound these through a drilled hole in the structure. Then, we bolt it to the base rail of the carport. There’s a slightly different process for ground installation. It’s the responsibility of the customer to make sure the ground is level first. Also, make sure to contact the ‘call before you dig’ people prior to starting construction. We install ground carports using standard pin anchors. Keep in mind that these pin anchors are classified as temporary. We recommend that buyers upgrade to stronger anchors. This is especially if they expect to encounter snow or wind conditions. We use a three-foot rebar anchor with a nail head top as the pin anchor. This gets pounded into the ground through the base rail of the carport. Have more questions about the installation process? Call one of the experts at Coast To Coast Carports. We look forward to helping you.

Don’t wait to get the affordable carport that you’ve always wanted. We can help you find the perfect carport or metal structure for your property. Whether you want a place to keep your vehicle or a convenient storage shed, Coast To Coast Carports has got you covered. Get in touch with us today for more info on our selection of quality carport options. Fill out our online form for your free quote. Contact Coast To Coast Carports today to see what we can do for you.

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