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There’s no question that a recreational vehicle is a luxury item. RVs are a significant investment, so it only makes sense that most RV enthusiasts would want to protect and preserve their recreational vehicles. At Coast To Coast Carports, we have the solution. We keep your vehicles safe with a range of RV carports built to last. These affordable yet durable structures will protect and preserve whatever you keep under them.

RVs – One of the Most Popular Sources of Travel

After you’ve invested a considerable amount of your hard-earned money into an RV or camper, you should also consider investing in a reliable source of protection for it. With a steel RV carport from Coast to Coast Carports, you can have peace of mind knowing your home-on-the-road will be safe and secure for years to come. And no matter how small or how large your RV or camper may be, we can design and tailor an RV shelter to your exact specifications.

Why Does Your RV Needs Protection?

Leaving your RV exposed to Mother Nature for extended periods of time can cause significant damages to both the exterior and interior of your new investment. From fading paint, to cracking rubber, to sunspots and hail damage, there’s no telling how much money you’ll need to spend on making the proper repairs. With a custom steel RV carport from Coast to Coast, you won’t have to worry about making any repairs or having to replace your structure. You’ll be able to focus on what matters most – your next road trip!

Customize Your Metal RV Cover

Here at Coast to Coast Carports, we don’t think of our steel RV carports as a building, we think of them as a great project waiting to be started. When you partner with us, you can easily start this project by creating the layout of your RV cover. From there, you can start designing the structure by adding your desired customizations. A few of these customization options include, but aren’t limited to, the following options listed below.

  • Roof Styles
  • Colors
  • Size Dimensions
  • Gauge of Frame and Sheet Paneling
  • Certifications
  • Anchors

Choose Your Ideal Roof Style

As one of the most important components of your metal RV carport, it’s crucial you choose a roof that not only suits the aesthetics of your unit but can also withstand your area’s weather conditions. There are three roofing options you can choose from in the metal building industry, each with their own unique design and advantages over the next. You can read more about our three available roof styles below.

  • Regular Roof – Due to their simple framing design and rounded edges, regular roofs are most popular among homeowners and agricultural customers. They’re installed with horizontal panels that run from one end of the structure to the next, making it suitable for areas with mild weather conditions. Its main advantage is being the most economical and affordable roof style offered in the industry and at Coast to Coast.
  • A-Frame Horizontal Roof – Our A-frame horizontal roofs, which are often referred to as boxed-eave, are also installed with horizontal paneling. Because of their panel orientation and unique framing design, it’s best suited for areas prone to high winds and little precipitation. Their primary advantage is being an A-frame style without the cost of a vertical roof.
  • Vertical Roof – Vertical roofs are the most durable and popular roof style offered in the metal building industry today. Designed and installed with vertically aligned panels and additional framing pieces, they’re suitable for al climate types; however, they’re recommended for areas prone to harsh weather conditions. Keep in mind, if you invest in a stronger longer than 36′, a vertical roof is required.

Applications for Your Prefab RV Cover

When most people think of a carport, they often imagine a simple roof-only structure that is often used as a shelter for vehicles and outdoor equipment. While this isn’t completely wrong, it isn’t the truth. These versatile structures can be used for so much more than a simple storage unit. In addition to keeping your RV, camper, or trailer protected year-round, they can also fulfill a variety of residential, agricultural, and commercial purposes.

  • Watercraft Storage
  • Greenhouse
  • Animal Shelter
  • Shelter for Family Gatherings
  • Picnic Space



Available Sizes and Prices for RV Carports

While there are standard widths, lengths, and heights you can choose from for your prefab metal carport, you can also choose to customize your dimensions. When choosing these size dimensions, there are a few factors you’ll need to take into consideration first, including both your current and future needs, budget, and available space on your property. If you aren’t sure which dimensions will best suit your needs and budget, you can speak with one of our building specialists for assistance.

In addition to the size of your structure taking effect on its price, its style, added customizations, assembly site, certification and manufacturer will also affect it. But there’s no need to worry, as there are two excellent rent-to-own and financing programs available on our website for assistance. While they are offered by several financial partners, we know you’ll find just the solution you need. You can find more information about these services on our website.

Site Preparations

After you’ve chosen the installation location for your RV carport, you’ll need to be sure there is enough space available for the structure to be assembled. The next steps you take will be crucial to the longevity of your structure, so be sure to follow each step correctly. You can find them listed here below.

  • Clear your install site of all vegetation and debris.
  • Have the site leveled and choose your foundation type.
  • Have the correct foundation poured, laid, or prepared for a metal building to be installed on it.

If there are any gas lines or sewer lines running under the install site, or if you have power lines above it, be sure to inform the manufacturer and your building specialist. This is your responsibility as the customer; however, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at Coast to Coast.

Financing Options Offered at Coast to Coast Carports

We understand how difficult it can be to afford the shelter you need or want; however, we have just the answer you need here at Coast to Coast Carports. Whether you’re limited by a budget or you simply don’t want to spend more money than you need, our rent-to-own and financing options can help you get the RV cover you need. Both of these programs are available to everyone, the qualifications and requirements depending on the financial partner offering the service. We have more information listed about flexible payment plans on our website.

No matter if you’re planning to invest in a new RV or camper, or if you’re simply looking for a new means of protection, we have just what you need here at Coast to Coast Carports. We don’t just offer steel RV covers either; rather, we offer a much wider variety of steel buildings to fulfill all your needs. If you’d like to know more about our products, prices, and financial programs, feel free to contact us today at (866) 681-7846 or visit our website for more information.

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