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RV Covers

Recreational Vehicles are a luxury items most enthusiasts want to protect and preserve. Coast to Coast Carports has the solution. RV Covers by Coast to Coast Carports are built to last and will protect and preserve the stored RV under them. With two base styles to choose from, the economical regular style and the superior a-frame style, customization begins. The A-Frame style RV Covers have the stronger vertical roof option available. Coast to Coast Carports recommends a vertical roof because it is stronger with added supports and it resists the elements better over time.


About RV Covers

The height and width of an extra large RV that needs a facility is not a problem for Coast to Coast Carports. Building structures as tall as 24 feet high and as wide as 100 feet clear span is no challenge for this steel building manufacturer. Enclosing the walls and/ends of an RV Cover can keep weather off the sides of the RV parked underneath. Fully enclose the steel RV building to make it an RV Garage.

Roll up doors up to 18’ wide and 18’ tall can be installed on the ends of these massive RV buildings. Storing a recreational vehicle in a fully enclosed RV garage will almost eliminate weathering of this luxury vehicle. Some say why own something unless you are going to take care of it. Covering a parked RV with a cover from Coast to Coast Carports is a sure way to take better care of a recreational vehicle.

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