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Protecting Boats From Snow with a Metal Building

Protecting Boats From Snow with a Metal Building

Though UV rays are a bigger threat to your boat than snow or freezing temperatures, the cold weather and frozen precipitation it brings can still cause significant damage. It is not simply a thermometer reading of 30 degrees or below, but a combination of moisture with low temperatures that can wreak havoc with a boat. […]

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Fall Storage for Boats

When the summer draws to a close, it leaves many boat owners wondering how they will store their investment during the fall and winter months. Why is storage so important? Without proper care, your boat will depreciate in value over the years. Some boat owners erroneously believe that parking their boat in the front driveway […]

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Storing Your Boat During Summer

Boating is a treasured tradition for many people, and can offer endless hours of fun and unforgettable memories. For this reason, they very valuable and even a source of pride for boat owners. An important part of owning your own boat is storing it. You need somewhere safe and reliable to leave such an important […]

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Boat and RV Storage

Boat and RV storage can be a problem for individuals who lack proper storage for their expensive investments during the winter months. Coast-to-Coast Carports is the perfect solution for folks who are unsure of how to store their campers, RVs, boats, and other equipment. Boat and RV storage doesn’t have to be an expensive headache! […]

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A Boat Garage Will Help Keep Your Boat Safe

Whatever size of boat you have, whether it is small or up to over 32 feet long, a boat garage is the recommended storage option to protect your investment. If you have never considered a garage for your boat before, at least consider this: your boat is susceptible to the negative effects of all types […]

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Boat Sheds Are Great for Protecting Your Toys!

Renting storage units are a popular choice for storing boats, but boat sheds are a better option for a number of reasons. Having boat storage on your property means you can keep an eye on it better than if it were miles away at a commercial storage facility. While the security is typically quite good, […]

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The Perfect Boat Shelter, of Any Size

Folks invest over $30,000 in purchasing a new sailboat or speedboat yet fail to invest in a boat shelter that will protect your expensive investment during the summer and winter months. Many people don’t realize the damaging effect that all seasons have on their boat – from strong UV rays beating down on the paint […]

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Trailer and RV Shelters

If you are the owner of an RV or trailer, have you considered how to protect your investment? RVs are a huge investment – with new RVs costing upward of $100,000. Many RV owners who want to preserve their investment will consider a trailer or RV shelter. A simple carport can spare your vehicle from […]

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