Easy Way to Protect Vehicles From Winter Weather
Easy Way to Protect Vehicles From Winter Weather

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Easy Way to Protect Vehicles From Winter Weather

Easy Way to Protect Vehicles From Winter Weather

Metal garages and metal carports are the simple and obvious solutions for protecting your vehicle from winter weather. Cold temperatures and wet snow, sleet, and rain wreak havoc on the exterior of your car as well as the inner workings, so it just makes sense as a protective measure to get it out of the weather when it is not in use.

Logically, you know that winter weather is tough on your vehicle’s paint job, but it is hard on your windshield, too. Accuweather.com points out that wiper blades tear and wiper transmissions can break when washer fluid freezes in extreme weather. However, cars that enjoy the shelter of a garage or, at the very least, a car port are less likely to have snow and ice build up on windshields, meaning you won’t have to scrape them off before you can turn on the wipers.

A Good Solid Metal Building Will Protect Your Investment

Another cold-weather danger to cars and trucks is that low temperatures cause the fluids to thicken. That is tough on your transmission and can cause your vehicle to perform badly. According to the Chicago Tribune, though, keeping your car in a garage, even one that is unheated, keeps the fluids at a slightly higher temperature than if it were left outdoors. That is mostly true of unheated garages that are attached to a home that is heated, but freestanding garages are better protection than none for your car when the weather takes a turn.

If you want to lengthen the lifespan of your vehicle, see Coast to Coast Carports for high quality carports and metal garages. Constructed to your specs, you can have your carport or garage built onto your home or detached, whatever works best for you. Plus, full garages can be customized to include insulation, lighting, and heat. Come to Coast to Coast Carports for vehicle protection that lasts.

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