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Funny Story from the Field

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Funny Story from the Field

A few weeks ago, one of our customers, that had purchased a Carport several months before, came by to purchase some metal building supplies for a home project he was working on.  While waiting on the shop to finish making some custom metal parts, we began talking about the installers here at Coast to Coast. Because as we stood there, there were a few crews getting loaded up for their next haul. The speed in which they were doing their jobs reminded the customer of when our install crews last did his building.

As he remembered the story he couldn’t help but chuckle a little . So, I asked him to elaborate. He began: “I ordered my building some time back in early April and they were out there some time in May just after some heavy rains.  They called me as they arrived, but I wasn’t there yet, so I explained to them where to set the building. I told them to set it near the fence line between the fence and the sink hole where my septic tank is located, “I have it all marked out there.” They said, “okay”. I got there a few minutes later and they had already unloaded nearly the entire building from their truck and trailer.  As I pulled up, I noticed one of them (an older hispanic man about 50) was squeezing between my fence and the neighbors with an extension cord in his hand.  I asked him “what are you doing?”

He responded, “we need power, this not your house?” I saw how he could be confused seeing as how my metal building was a lot closer to the neighbor’s house than mine.

So I told him, “No, my house is over there.” I pointed to my house, about 200 ft away.

“That one?”, he asks.

“Yes”, I respond. “Do you need more extension cords?”, I asked.

“No, no problem”, he responds, as he signaled a younger (about 18) helper to help him.

The two installers worked together to run the new cord all the way to my house.  Despite the enormous age gap, they worked very well together and really looked like a couple of characters. The old man with his bowed legs in his boots and cowboy hat and the young guy in slip on work boots and long stumbling legs.  Well, I guess the young guy decided to be respectful to his elder and take the last 50′ of cord to the house and let the old man head back to the construction site where the other 2 installers were still getting everything lined up and ready to go.

The boys kindness gave the older man a substantial lead back, but I saw the little twinkle of “Challenge Accepted!” in his eyes as he started a mad dash back across my still wet lawn. He was determined to beat the old guy back. As this began, the other workers noticed and stopped to watch. This must have alerted the old guy that something was going on. As he turned back to check, he quickly noticed the boy making huge strides his way and wasn’t about to let him win his little race. As the old installer hopped into a slow run, the young installer really kicked into high gear. This was going to be a close one! Just as the gap was closing between the two, the old man noticed the dip in the ground from where my septic tank was, which was well hidden from the spring grass and full of water from the rains. Well, needless to say, the young guy did not notice the hole. You could see the look of surprise as he foot didn’t meet the ground when it was supposed to, but it was too late now. Face first, he came down hard, then skid awhile in the mud with his feet still in the air.

All four of the rest of us spent the next 30 minutes trying to dry our eyes from laughter and get to the job at hand.  After I was able to get a hold of myself enough to get out a sentence, I showed the boy were my hose was so he could rinse the mud out of his teeth and everywhere else. Then, when he got back, we all spent the next 30 minutes giving him a hard time and laughing as we retold the story to him. He did not find it nearly as amusing as the rest of us, but he was aware of the comedy in it.

Well anyways the metal carport that should have only taken an hour ended up taking about 2 1/2, but I didn’t care because I hadn’t had a laugh like that in years.”

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