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Metal Building Anchor Bolts: Everything You Need to Know About These Essential Foundational Components

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Metal Building Anchor Bolts: Everything You Need to Know About These Essential Foundational Components

Metal buildings are rapidly emerging as one of the greatest inventions within the construction industry. These are comprehensive projects that require every part of their construction process to be solidly executed, every time. While there are plenty of tools that help construct these buildings, anchor bolts play an essential role in their foundation.

Since anchor bolts are involved in foundation building, it is essential to use only the best quality metal building bolts available. A proper foundation is the first factor that ensures the safety and security of any Metal Building. Let’s learn some of the critical facts about anchor bolts and metal building foundations.


Let’s Learn About the Various Types of Anchor Bolts

Foundation anchor bolts play the role of holders between the structure and the concrete base and ground. The steel building frames are fastened to the anchor bolts that lie fixed in the concrete.

The bolts are strategically placed at the positions of all steel columns and door jambs. They remain sturdily embedded with the concrete solidifying around a hook or welded structure.

There are four types of anchor bolts:

  1. Bent Anchor Bolts: Installed during concrete pouring
  2. Wedge Anchor Bolts: Installed inside drilled holes post concrete setting
  3. Epoxy Anchor Bolts: Installed into epoxy-filled holes in a pre-set concrete
  4. Threaded Anchor Bolts: Powerful anchors with the highest uplift resistance due to an enormous bearing surface

With the advancement of Metal Building construction technologies, post-installed anchor bolts are being preferred over cast-in bolts. The former allows more flexibility in deciding the anchor location and installment accordingly.

On the other hand, cast-in anchors have a higher risk of dislocating during concrete pouring, raising structural issues.


What Are the Guidelines of Anchor Bolts Installation?

Installers need to follow the existing and mandatory guidelines or regulatory standards related to anchor bolts. There are different levels of anchor bolt guidelines like local, county, and even federal.

Let’s review some of the mandatory requirements for installing all metal building anchors:

  • You must use a minimum of four anchor bolts to hold each structural column.
  • You must install the rods in the foundational surface perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the ground surface.
  • You must only install the anchor bolts as per a pre-decided and highly accurate template.
  • The anchor bolt installation must strictly follow major regulation standards by bodies like OSHA and other relevant local bodies.
  • There must be an L or J-shaped curved ending to every anchor bolt to prevent shifting and uplifting.
  • The dimensions of adjacent anchors must not have a difference of beyond ¼ inches.
  • The heights of all anchors must not have a difference beyond ½ inches.
  • The anchor bolts’ installation area mustn’t exceed beyond 1/16th inches of the limit set by the dedicated foundation plan.
  • No use of purlins or grits must be made for anchoring structures unless approved by a relevant and certified building safety expert or body.
  • Any change in the anchor bolt installation method must only be applied after approval from the certified designated engineer.\


What is the Foundational Purpose of Anchor Bolts?

The role of anchor bolts starts right from the pre-planning stage itself. It involves developing an optimized bolt installation plan that plays a crucial role in setting up the foundation design.

It begins with the development of a layout plan that includes rough estimates on the location of the anchor bolts and foundation area. Over excavation of the ground is done on the nodal points to avoid ground swelling and facilitate easy location determination.

After that, the accurate location for anchor bolt installation is determined with a 1/8th-inch tolerance area. Lastly, the concrete is poured, and bolts are installed as decided.


What is the Importance of Accuracy and Error Removal?

After reading the above sections, you must have understood the importance of accuracy in anchor bolt installation. Any wrong estimate or measurement here can lead to the failure of the entire structural roadmap.

Thus, failure is no option, and here are some measures that installers must take to avoid errors:

  • Hire a certified land surveyor for supervision of the bolt installation process or actual installation.
  • You should have the survey performed before delivering the steel, preferably to avoid any last moment shortcomings.
  • Don’t rely on general laborers completely during bolt installation.
  • Follow the template of bolt installation to the exact details.
  • Take care to ensure the right tolerance environment and setting levels for the bolts to settle correctly. You can facilitate this with the help of a dedicated and technically trained expert.

What is the Importance of Setting Appropriate Baseline Benchmarks?

An effectively successful installation of anchor bolts is a process that rests on specific unavoidable baseline benchmarks.

Here are certain things to note about this:

  • The creation of a well-designed bolt installation layout involves the manufacturer, contractor, installer, and the IBC rules.
  • The plan must follow the IBC guidelines strictly.
  • There must be good communication between the installer and manufacturer about the part’s quality and delivery.
  • The design layout must include all the relevant, clear, and accurate details about the anchor bolts.
  • You must ensure error-free execution of the plan.

With all of the above steps carried out in perfection, you can expect the anchor bolt foundation to be laid rightly. Now, don’t forget that the quality of the metal building foundation systems can equally determine the installation’s success.


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