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Why You Need a Loafing Shed

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Why You Need a Loafing Shed

When we think of the best way to care for our animals, the first thing that comes to mind is a well-built and carefully designed stable or barn. It’s natural for human beings to think of four walls, a roof, and doors as the most comfortable and secure arrangement.

Do you think that your animals feel the same way? Horses and other livestock experience the world a bit differently. Most farm animals are well-adapted to spend most of their lives outdoors. What’s important is that you provide a safe place to shelter them from severe weather or the hot summer sun.

A loafing or run-in shed is both an economical and healthy alternative to a conventional stable with stalls.

Loafing Sheds Shelter Livestock

Horses, for the most part, don’t have to deal with the harsh environment that their wild ancestors had to endure. Wild horses were well-equipped for extremes of heat, cold, rain, and snow. While an overhang or copse was more than enough shelter for wild animals, your domestic animal will benefit from more substantial shelter.

Loafing sheds offer protection from the sun and bad weather while also giving you the peace-of-mind that you’ve protected your livestock if it starts to snow or rain while you’re away.

Loafing Shed or Stall?

Stalling animals is popular for a few reasons that include the following:

  • You can keep more animals. Many more animals can be kept in a barn containing separate stalls than if you pastured them. This is a big advantage on smaller properties.
  • You’ll always have easy access to your animals for veterinary care, or the farrier or grooming.
  • Training is much easier than when going back and forth to the pasture to catch your livestock first.

However, this convenience comes at a price. And that’s bone health. The bones of all animals are constantly adapting to the stress of movement by becoming harder and heavier. The impact of motion signals bones to become stronger in response. When an animal’s bones are sheltered from this stress, they lose minerals and become weaker. According to study from Michigan State University, mineral loss from certain bones is rapid when young horses are stall-kept. Keeping young horses in a stall for extended periods may result in a much weaker and injury prone skeletal system.

The equine digestive system is also evolved to function best with a slow and steady supply of grass and forage. Horses that eat this way will typically have few behavioral problems out of boredom. Stalling prevents healthy grazing.

The loafing shed is a perfect solution for this problem. Animals are free to exercise, interact, and eat naturally while always having shelter available when weather conditions change.

Not Just for Livestock

A loafing shed can serve as more than shelter for your animals. It’s also great place to park your truck out of the weather, store supplies or equipment, and even be a shelter for yourself.

Coast to Coast Carports offers attractive and sturdy steel loafing sheds with optional wooden kick walls available. You can choose from both regular and a-frame style loafing sheds with a broad variety of options. Your livestock is a valuable investment you need to protected and care for. By providing your animals with a sturdy loafing shed you can provide your animals with the freedom they crave and shelter they deserve.

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