Steel Buildings in Utah

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Steel Buildings in Utah

Coast to Coast Carports has the steel building that you are looking for. We specialize in metal carports, metal barns, storage sheds and custom steel buildings. There are many metal buildings Utah with the majority of them being located in the Salt Lake Valley. Utah is a fairly unpopulated state when you consider the size of it so it makes sense that the majority of the steel structures being built are in the more populated areas.  Steel building construction has come a long was in the past couple of decades and in many situations it is the preferred method of construction.

Many of the steel buildings being built in Utah are large buildings like banks and commercial buildings. The residential sector off building does not use steel framing as much as other sectors so steel construction has been limited to few sectors.


Steel carports in Utah are a big industry because of the snowy winters and the versatility and sturdy design that metal carports have. The steel buildings offer pest and termite resistance and in general are more sturdy than other building methods. We have multiple styles and options to choose from to meet almost any space requirement or design taste.


Another area that has increased in the use of steel building in Utah is metal barns. Gone are the days of the big red wood barn. Coast to Coast Carports has an extensive number of plans to meet almost any size or application. Steel is not only more durable but it can also be built to almost any design.

Storage Buildings

Some people are just looking for a place to store things. Coast to Coast Carports has custom building options to meet any need. From small to big metal buildings we have just about every design and color that you can image.

If you are looking for any metal or steel structure give us a call before you make any decision.

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