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03Apr 2019Metal Buildings

Stick-Builds vs. Prefab Metal Buildings - Which Is Better?


What is a stick-build?

Stick building is a traditional method of framing a home, barn, garage, or other building with lumber. Many builders and contractors still use this method, as wood is an easy material to custom cut and build with on site. There is also a lingering perception in the industry - as well as in the public eye - that stick-built homes and buildings are of higher quality than engineered structures. However, with available modern materials and engineering techniques, that is not necessarily the case anymore. What is a prefab metal building? Prefab metal buildings are buildings framed with metal that is engineered and pre-cut before being delivered to the install site. Some prefab buildings arrive at the site fully-constructed; unload it and anchor it, and you’re good-to-go! Larger prefab buildings may arrive partially-constructed, and simply must be pieced together after unloading.

Is there such a thing as a custom prefab steel building?

Yes there is! Stick-builds aren’t the only custom building option. Steel building components can be precision-engineered to exact custom specifications ahead of time, and then be delivered to the job site for individual assembly and installation by hand. Steel structures of this nature are now being used for everything from carports to metal garages to barns to workshops to warehouses to personal residences. Steel buildings are becoming more and more popular, in fact. From the city to the suburbs to the countryside, you’ll see folks using them for all sorts of residential, farm, commercial, and industrial purposes.

Are prefab buildings cheaper than stick-builds?

The final price of a building will be based on many factors including materials used, building dimensions, customization options chosen, installation location, etc. But prefab metal buildings can end up costing significantly less than stick-builds. Steel building manufacturers and metal building contractors use the same basic materials on every building, so they can buy their supplies in bulk to help keep costs down. Another financial advantage to a prefab steel building is the fact that, unlike a stick-build, it can usually be installed without the need for a poured foundation. Steel structures can be installed and anchored on any flat, level surface. If your prefab building doesn’t need a foundation, then that’s more money back in your pocket!

How are prefab buildings better than stick-builds?

Aside from potential advantages in up-front costs, prefab metal garages, metal building kits, and other steel structures have many other advantages over stick-builds as well. Consider these other factors that make prefab steel buildings superior to stick-builds or structures made from other building materials:

Prefab is More Affordable

Depending on your chosen dimensions and custom options, a prefab metal building can actually be cheaper to build per square foot. Metal is also easier to clean and takes less maintenance than stick-builds. And your insurance costs may also go down by choosing a rugged steel building over other options.

Prefab Buildings Go Up Easier, In Less Time

When folks are ready to put up a building, most would prefer to have it put up NOW. Since the components for a prefab metal building are engineered and fabricated ahead of time, these buildings take much less time to install. Your building can go up in a matter of days versus months for a stick-build!

Flexibility in Design & Customization

The versatility of steel as a building material allows you more flexibility in design, as well as more usable clear-span interior space. Modern prefab metal buildings have more customization options than you may realize, too. It’s also easier to expand or adapt metal buildings as your needs grow or change, too.

More Durable and Resistant

One of the biggest advantages of a prefab metal building is the fact that it won’t rot like a stick-build. Water isn’t as much of a threat for a well-designed steel structure, and these structures withstand weather extremes and fire much better. They’re also not threatened by termites, pests, mold, or mildew.

Why You Should Choose Coast To Coast Carports for a Quality Steel Structure

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