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The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Metal Garages, Answered
29Aug 2022Metal Garages

The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Metal Garages, Answered

The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Metal Garages, Answered

Buying prefab metal garages can be a bit stressful for someone unfamiliar with the metal building industry. After all, these structures are incredibly complex and come in so many different configurations that it can be challenging to make sense of them all.

The journey from deciding to purchase a structure to completing its construction can seem complicated. Is it the right building type for my needs? Is it large enough? Can I change it to fit my requirements? These are questions every potential customer will ask themselves.

And if you're considering buying a steel structure, you've probably developed a few questions of your own. And that's great! Below, we've put together some of the most frequently asked questions about buying metal garages.

FAQs for Buying Steel Garages

Let’s take a closer look at just a few of the biggest questions new customers have when they decide to buy their first prefab metal garage.

1. How Long Do Metal Garages Last?

Unlike wooden garages, metal buildings are designed for longevity! They’re built with galvanized steel that makes them resistant to many elemental hazards that cause structures to deteriorate over time. And since you won’t have those issues, you can expect your metal garage to last for decades with minimal need for maintenance.

2. Do Metal Garages Add Value to Your Home?

Yes! Certified metal garages are typically included on any sales appraisals performed on your land, effectively increasing the value of your property if you should ever decide to sell!

3. Are Metal Garages Worth It?

Yes! When compared to other construction methods like wood or brick, metal garages are some of the most cost-effective structures on the market. Not only are they built more affordably, but they'll also last longer and require fewer repairs than other garage types.

4. Is it Cheaper to Build a Garage or Buy Metal Garage Kits?

This depends on our metal building provider and how much you can save by constructing a metal garage on your own. For experienced contractors or DIYers, purchasing metal garage kits are an effective way to save on installation costs and reduce construction times. However, if you're not interested in completing a small-to-medium-sized construction project, letting professional installation crews take the reigns is worth it.

5. Is Metal or Wood Cheaper?

Currently, steel is a more affordable construction material than wood. And with lumber prices soaring, the trend shows no signs of letting up anytime soon.

6. How Can I Make My Metal Garage Look Good?

There are many ways to spruce up your metal garage! From customizing it with upgraded paneling, framing, or color schemes to landscaping and finishing the interior, your budget and imagination are the only limits!

7. Do You Need Permission to Build a Steel Garage?

In most localities, you’ll need to own your property and must secure the necessary building permits before you begin construction on a metal garage. This will require you to consult with local building officials to determine which permits you’ll need to obtain.

8. Is a Carport Cheaper than a Garage?

In some circumstances. After all, metal garages are very similar to carports, with the exception of enclosed wall paneling. However, these additional walls do require more steel and, therefore, will make your building more expensive.

9. Can You Attach a Shed to a Garage?

Of course! Steel structures are designed with expansion and additions in mind! Therefore, with a little bit of planning, attaching metal garages to other structures is entirely possible!

10. Can You Attach a Detached Garage to a House?

A metal garage can be designed and constructed to be a part of your house’s original construction. Like an addition to your home, these versatile structures can be adapted to fit flush against other structures, including stick-built buildings.

11. What is a Good Height for a Garage?

This depends on your needs! Luckily metal garages can be custom designed to fit any size! Most prefab structures will start with a height between 8 and ten feet but can be engineered to go as high as 20! This gives them the height clearance to handle larger vehicles such as RVs, motorhomes, and boats.

12. Is a 3-Car Garage Worth It?

For families with multiple vehicles that need protection, a 3-car metal garage is a fantastic solution. It’s strong, cost-effective, and built to provide service for decades. They’ll also last longer than wooden buildings and are far more versatile than brick or concrete blocks!

13. Do I Need to Include Windows in My Garage?

While not absolutely necessary, windows are an excellent way to add abundant ventilation and natural light to a closed structure. Luckily, you’ll be able to choose as many doors and windows for your metal garage as you need.

14. Can You Insulate a Metal Garage?

Yes! In fact, adding insulation to your metal garage is great for reducing moisture buildup and keeping the interior at an even temperature. Insulation is also regularly used during the finishing process, and when combined with drywall, electricity, and plumbing, it can transform a simple metal building into a fully-livable structure!

15. How Much Does a Custom Metal Garage Cost?

The cost of your metal building will depend on a number of circumstances. After all, these buildings a highly complex and require a wide array of metal components to complete. The factors that can affect the cost of your metal garage include raw steel prices, customization choices, reinforcements, and even the location of your particular manufacturer.

Prefab Metal Garages That Are Worth the Investment

There is a wide range of metal buildings to choose from. Some of them are well-suited to your needs, while others may not be what you want. Below, we've put together a few great garage options that might work for your requirements.

1. One-Car Metal Garages

With enough room to comfortably house a single small or medium-sized car, a one-car metal garage is a great way to protect your new vehicle. It can be customized with custom colors, paneling, doors, windows, and more.

2. Two-Car Metal Garages

A two-car metal garage offers additional room for a larger single truck or SUV or space to house two smaller cars adequately. This option is great for couples and smaller families that don't have a lot of room but still need to protect their investments.

3. Three Car Metal Garages

You may have guessed it already, but three-car metal garages are designed to house up to three small or medium vehicles. It's an excellent choice for larger families or those with a new teen driver on the roads.

Garage Roof Styles

When you purchase a metal building, you’ll have several roofing options available. These include:

1. Regular Roof Garages

A regular roof is your standard carport roof, with rounded edges, a round roof, and horizontal paneling. It’s a great economical option that works well in regions with minimal wind and rainfall.

2. A-Frame Horizontal Roof Garages

The next roofing option is our A-frame roof. This roofing style looks like the roof you’d find on a traditional residential structure, with a sharp peak, overhanging awnings, and horizontally placed paneling. If you live in a region with high winds but minimal rainfall totals, this mid-level option might be great for you!

3. Vertical Roof Garages

The premium option, vertical roofs, feature similar components to the A-frame roof, except that it features vertically arranged paneling. These vertical panels allow rain, debris, and, most importantly, snow to slide harmlessly away from your structure.

Order Your Metal Garage from Coast to Coast Carports

No matter the size or configuration, Coast to Coast Carports has you covered with steel structures that are designed to last. We’re proud to offer premium steel structures at affordable metal garage prices. Looking for a one-car metal garage? We can do that! How about an enclosed carport? We do those, too! If a metal garage is on your list, give us a call at (866) 681-7846! Our metal building experts are waiting to help you design and customize a metal garage that works for your needs.

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