The RV Cover - Tall and Strong from Coast to Coast Carports - Coast to Coast Carports
The RV Cover – Tall and Strong from Coast to Coast Carports

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Regular Camper - RV - Shelter

The RV Cover – Tall and Strong from Coast to Coast Carports

The RV Cover

Tall and strong.

Coast to Coast Carports builds steel RV Covers the same way they build a metal carport, only taller. We can Certify these units to withstand heavy snow and wind loads, and to meet local building codes. After investing in the perfect vacation vehicle, protecting it through the years is important. An RV Cover will protect an RV from damaging sunlight exposure and weather.

When ordering an RV cover it is important to know a few guidelines and terms. With the right knowledge, you can make sure your new RV Cover is just the right size. If it is too small, it’s useless. On the other hand, if it is to large, you’re overpaying. Below you will find some informational images to help in the buying process. Also, feel free to contact our sales department at 866-681-7846.

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Because RV Covers are so tall, they often need additional bracing. Adding a Gable End greatly increased the durability against sway. However, it also reduces your clearance height. Pictured here is a standard Gable end on an Frame RV Cover.

Regular Camper - RV - Shelter

A second gable end option is a Special 45ยบ angle Gable end. Also call the Texas Style Gable end, this option still adds support but allows for a little more clearance.

Note: Regular style roofs add more total height.

The Perfect Metal RV Shelter

You can see this RV Cover is quite a bit taller than it needs to be. Without a gable end, a carport ha an extra bit of clearance created by the pitch of the roof. We have made it simple to calculate:

Rise = (building’s width)/8

If the building is regular style you will also add 6″ to your answer.


  • Regular style Building is 18′ wide and 12′ leg height
  • 18/8 = 2.25′ + 6″
  • = 2.75′ or 2′ 9″
  • So the total clearance is 12’+2′ 9″ = 14′ 9″
  • This will cover most RV’s.

Metal Storage Buildings for RVs and Campers

A little tip:

You do not have to get out with a tape measure and a ladder to figure out how tall of a building you need. Your RV’s owners’ manual will tell you what bridge clearance you need to worry about. If you have any custom accessories, however, your back to crawling on top of the thing with a tape.

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