Thinking About Storing Your Camper for the Winter? We Can Help
Thinking About Storing Your Camper for the Winter?

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Thinking About Storing Your Camper for the Winter?

Storing Your Camper for the WinterIn order to preserve the life of your camper or RV, it is important to know the proper procedure for storing campers for the winter. The snow, hail, and wind can do major damage to your vehicle if left out all winter long. While winterizing your camper may not be a chore you look forward to, learning more about the proper storing of campers is an easy way to protect your investment.

You may be asking, why store or winterize my RV? For one, it is important to protect your vehicle from pollution, elements, and extreme temperatures that can cause wear and tear on your RV the longer it sits out. Many RV owners have no idea the havoc these factors wreak on their investment. Outside covers can do the job but a metal structure, metal garage, or a-frame is preferable. You may even need to rent out storage space to ensure that your RV is protected.

Winterizing and Storing Campers for the Winter Helps Protect Your Investment

Winterizing is a process that too many RV owners skip, which has damaging effects on the RV during storage. The process includes getting rid of any perishable items inside of the RV. Remember to remove food especially as leftover food will attract bugs and rodents. Canned goods that are left in the RV are at risk for bursting. A thorough cleaning of the interior is wise as well.

Arranging for the plumbing is another step you don’t want to overlook in storing your camper for the winter. Preparing your vehicle’s tires is especially important as well as caring for the engine. Many RV owners do not realize how hard stagnation is on a motor. Topping off the gas tank is one way to protect the fuel source. A fuel stabilizer is a must as well.

Taking the necessary steps to winterize your RV or vehicle while it is out of commission in the winter months is vital in protecting your expensive asset.

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