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Using Metal Building Inspections to Get Excellent Results

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Using Metal Building Inspections to Get Excellent Results

If you have taken the decision to install a metal building on your land, then you’ve made an excellent choice. However, to get the absolute best from the building, it is essential that you use the building inspection process to ensure that the finished product offers the high-quality results you are looking for. Find out more about the inspection process and how you can make it work for you.


How Inspections Provide Quality Results

With more businesses turning to metal buildings, it’s no shock to learn that they offer the best value for money and the best design quality. Plus, with low maintenance requirements, choosing a metal building will allow you to focus more on your business than on repair work.

However, when your focus needs to be on quality and dependability, you do not want to lose out by getting a badly installed building. Using building inspections, you can get your designs checked for accuracy and materials checked for quality before the installation even begins.

A building that has been installed with the watchful eye of a building inspection team is always going to offer long-lasting results and will give you the security you need to know that your business will be able to run without interruption as time passes.


Using Metal Building Inspection During Installation

Rather than opting for pre and post-inspection work, it makes sense to organize regular inspections throughout the installation phase. This will allow any issues to be identified early and ensure that they are simple to rectify without having to undo lots of other actions that have been taken.

Working with the metal building inspection team, arrange visits for each stage, and be prepared for regular, even daily, visits as metal building installation are often quick and simple. Failing to organize these visits may result in issues with compliance and certification, resulting in more work for you and your team.

The inspection process can start with the metal building plans and the delivery of your metal building kits. The inspection team will assess the proposed site, the materials and discuss your work plans before you begin. They will then come back regularly to ensure that everything is going according to the plan.

Remember that every building is different from the next, and so your inspection schedule may differ from someone else’s. It is a personalized process that aims to support you as you work through the installation. Once your building is complete, the inspection team will complete a final review before signing the building off.


Why is it Important to Inspect Steel Buildings?

It is important that your new building meets all the right standards and is as safe as possible for you to use – this is why inspection is so important. Many companies go so far as to employ their own installation manager who works to ensure that every building site is progressing well and who is the point of contact for any queries or concerns.

Many metal buildings come with warranties that are only valid if the building has been installed with the expertise of an inspection team, making it even more important to work alongside one as your building is installed. To achieve a good working relationship with your inspector, it is vital that all plans that are shared are accurate and that access to the site is given freely at all stages. Ultimately, for your business to grow and perform well, you need access to a safe building that has been installed properly, and that is why it is essential that any steel building you install is properly inspected.


What Does a Metal Building Inspector Want to See?

When you engage an inspector to assess your installation, they will be looking for the following things to be in place and completed to a high standard:

  • All structures and bracing have been correctly installed
  • Accurate installation for any special conditions or point load conditions
  • Insulation accurately installed, and the right thickness and type used
  • Roof correctly installed and made weathertight (including the sealant and flashing)
  • All wall panels and trims are installed properly.

Failure to complete these items to the required level will result in more work being needed, so it is vital that you work with the inspector to achieve the right results the first time around.


How Your Inspector Will Complete Their Job

When you invest in an inspector for your building, you will want to know that everything has been done properly. To gain the confidence you want in the process, you should expect your inspector to complete or access the following information:

  • Access to the full plans prior to installation beginning
  • Frequent access to the site to check progress and ensure everything is going as per the plan
  • Using tools such as cameras, probes, scopes, and long-handled mirrors to access parts and ensure that they are installed properly
  • Ongoing discussions to share findings and offer insight into the build

Many people worry that a building inspector will slow the progress or even cause a site to shut down, but if you work proactively with your inspector, you will find that progress is speedy, and the confidence you have in your building will be high as well as knowing that you have the security of your warranties.


Get the Best Metal Buildings from Coast to Coast Carports

If you are keen to invest in a metal building that passes all inspection criteria, then Coast to Coast Carports is here for you. Not only does our experienced design team know how to effectively install a metal building, but we will work with you to ensure that it meets all the relevant safety and construction standards in your area.

We have years of experience in the field and offer fast and free delivery so that you can get to work as quickly as possible. Our commitment to creating only the best quality buildings has resulted in us becoming one of the leading suppliers of metal buildings in the US! Call today at (866) 681-7846 to find out how we can help you!

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