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Louisiana Residents – Why Metal Buildings Make Sense
14Sep 2021Metal Buildings

Louisiana Residents – Why Metal Buildings Make Sense

Louisiana Residents – Why Metal Buildings Make Sense

What’s Been Happening in Louisiana?

Hurricane Ida hit Louisiana on the 29th of August and left severe damage and destruction as a Category 4 Hurricane. It hit with 150mph winds and has been officially tied with 2020’s Hurricane Laura and 1856’s Last Hurricane as the strongest hurricanes to have ever hit the State.

Sadly, the impact of Hurricane Ida has left people with major structural damage and losses, as well as the loss of civilian lives, shortage of supplies, housing, and gas. This level of devastation has made many people homeless and at a loss over how to build back once again. In a place that is sure to see more extreme weather, residents and business owners are now keen to find new ways of keeping their loved ones, their possessions, and their properties safe in the path of the next hurricane.

Metal Buildings Offer Louisiana Residents Hope

Deciding on the best type of construction may seem like a difficult choice, especially if you have been a victim of Hurricane Ida. However, opting for a metal building in Louisiana is a great option and will provide you with the protection you have been looking for! Some of the main benefits to choosing prefab metal buildings include:

• They are cost-effective

Metal building prices are lower than traditional homes and offer greater protection from extreme weather, meaning that you are less likely to have to rebuild should another earthquake hit. Metal buildings are also cheap on upkeep, with very little maintenance needed every year.

• They are quick to build

Metal building kits are prefabricated in a factory before being delivered, meaning that all you need to do is put each piece together. All you will need is your toolkit and a group of friends to be able to install your new building.

• They are durable

Prefab metal buildings are designed to last and offer the best durability of all building materials. The steel used for metal buildings can withstand extreme weather events and natural disasters, giving you confidence and providing safety when you need it the most.

• They can be modified

If your needs change and you want to add to your building or change the floor plans, then this is very straightforward with a metal building. All you need to do is decide what you want and then let us know, and we will provide you with everything you need to make your alterations.

• They are cheap to insure

As metal buildings are safer and more durable than traditional buildings, they are cheaper to insure and are seen as a trusted buildings by property insurance companies. This means lower ongoing costs for you and better peace of mind as your new building is less likely to experience issues compared to traditional buildings.

• They offer a range of storage options

Metal buildings can be used for a wide range of needs, and choosing them for a storage solution makes total sense. You can get any size building you need and know that your belongings will be safe until you need them.

• They can meet all your needs

Whether you need a new retail space, residential property, agricultural building, garage, or more, a metal building can meet all your needs with ease. There is a range of designs to choose from, or you can opt to design your own!

• They offer outstanding protection

No matter what life throws at your building, you can be certain that you and your belongings will be protected, even in the most difficult situations. This is because steel is one of the strongest materials and can cope with extreme pressure without buckling.

Why Coast to Coast Carports Highly Recommend Metal Buildings

Many areas of the US experience extreme weather and natural disasters every year, leaving citizens at the mercy of Mother Nature. The main reason that the United States has so many natural disasters every year is that it is a vast country with a huge amount of diversity in its geography.

Over the last 50 years, the number of natural disasters has increased by five, generally explained by climate change as well as more robust reporting. However, the number of people that have lost their lives has decreased by three. The main reason for this is because early warning systems have been developed, enabling early evacuation. During this time, the US has registered more than $200 million in damage every day, leaving citizens with homes and businesses that have been destroyed.

This outlook may sound bleak, but one of the best ways to reduce the impact of disasters is to look at the way we build – choosing steel over traditional methods instead. Metal buildings are tough, durable, and can be installed in a way that keeps everything safe, even when a disaster strikes!

At Coast to Coast Carports, we work with you to create the right building for your needs and can even design solutions for areas that experience natural disasters and require specific certifications. The other great thing is that each building is fully customizable, allowing you to create a space that meets each of your needs without difficulty.

When You Want a Metal Building, Coast to Coast Carports is Here for You

If you are keen to invest in a metal building and want to work with a team that is tried, tested, and trusted, then Coast to Coast Carports is a great choice. Not only will we work hard to get your design right, but we will deliver on time and on budget, leaving you to focus on other things.

As the leading manufacturer of metal buildings in the US, we have the experience you need and provide outstanding customer service and free delivery across the country. We offer a wide range of buildings and a 20-year warranty to give you the confidence that your building will last no matter what weather happens around it. If you like the sound of what we offer, then get in touch at (886) 681-7846 – our specialist team is ready to help you achieve your building goals!

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