Winter Boat Storage is Easy with Coast to Coast Carports
Winter Boat Storage – Metal Buildings

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Winter Boat Storage – Metal Buildings

For many of us, boating is a favorite summer pastime. Any boat owners knows that beyond the fun of getting out for a day of water skiing or tubing lies a lot of work to preserve your $30,000 investment. Knowing how to protect your boat during the winter months is important for the longevity of your investment. In order to avoid wear and tear on your boat that will require hundreds of dollars of repairs in the future, it is important to properly stow your boat for winter.

Winter Boat Storage is Critical for Increasing the Lifetime of your Boat or RV


When you are ready to store your boat for winter, it is important to first change your oil. Acids left in your oil can eat away at the engine over the winter months. Many boat owners also change the filter and add fresh oil. Use the recommended amount of antifreeze to prevent areas in your engine from freezing during the winter. Drive belts can stretch and even crack when not used regularly, which is why many boat owners remove them all together and place them in a metal storage building during those winter months. Grease will keep the steering and joints on your boat smooth. Caring for the interior of your boat is also important, especially if you have leather or canvas fabrics lining the inside of your boat. A good wax job on the outside will go a lot way when storing your boat.

You may be at a loss as to where to store your boat during the winter months. While not ideal, outdoor storage does offer an adequate amount of storage but remember to always use a cover. Outside storage is not ideal because the boat is still exposed to extreme temperatures, elements, and pollution. Storage units and metal buildings for boats, designed specifically for boats, are the ideal. They are surprisingly affordable and will keep your boat protected in its off season.

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