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Who are Coast To Coast Carport Dealers?

Long story short: Dealers work with Coast to Coast Carports to offer the best outdoor building solutions across America.

Coast to Coast Carports sells steels building all over the country. Customers order a building from one of the two sources. They can contact the home office’s direct sales department located in Knoxville, Arkansas, or they can call a local salesperson or “dealer.” Our dealers are located in almost every county in the US. Most of them offer our buildings from their own place of business and treat Coast to Coast’s customers just like they would treat their own. There is almost always a display unit at the dealer’s place of business for customers to inspect our construction and workmanship excellence in person. Buying a metal building in person is often easier than over the phone with the home office and we encourage that.

Who are these Dealers?

These local business owners are businessmen with an establishment in a local community. They sell our buildings usually in addition to operating their main business.

Benefits and Duties of a Dealer

A dealer is responsible for closing sales with customers. This involves answering questions about buildings, completing a contract, and collecting a deposit. With all the required materials and training available to every dealer right from the beginning, it is really an easy way to supplement an income. The deposit collected by the dealer is 10% of the building price, and this is the dealer’s commission. (No, customers cannot call in direct to save this 10%.) Other added benefits include having free use of a carport display, and personal discounts on purchased buildings. Coast to Coast Carports will handle all the scheduling and installation of the building.

Dealer Resources

Coast to Coast provides dealers with order forms (contracts), quote forms, full color catalogs, fliers, signs, banners, and a display building. There is also a designated website available to dealers where they can access any forms or catalogs online. The dealer website also provides business card and advertisement templates. Dealers will have the freedom to promote our buildings as if they were an independent franchise. We only ask that accuracy and integrity be used when promoting our products and services.

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Become A Dealer

Our dealer selection process is simple and straightforward. Potential dealers will need to contact dealer services — (866) 267-3790 EXT. 213 or — to get on the inspection list. After an entity is on the list, we will send a representative in person to inspect the location, interview the person(s) to be involved, and establish the dealership.

The representative will be checking for a few things:
  • Good location with high traffic road frontage
  • Space for a display unit
  • That the new location is not to close to an existing dealer
  • Competent and honest dealer
  • That the business is well established
  • Business locations are preferred

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