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Gambrel Barns


One of the most popular styles of barns offered by Coast to Coast Carports is the gambrel style barn. When you think of a barn, you’re most likely thinking of a gambrel barn. Our metal gambrel barns feature that classic, distinctive barn look thanks to the asymmetrical roof that starts with a shallow slope and ends with a steeper one. In the past, property owners who wanted a barn were often stuck with an expensive wood gambrel style barn that took weeks to assemble. Thanks to our convenient metal barns, we can have your barn installed in as little as a day without breaking the bank.

  • Top-quality farm building, available at a surprisingly affordable price.
  • Functional yet attractive, to house your livestock, grain, or farm machinery.
  • Endless size options to choose from to fit your needs.
  • Guaranteed to meet or exceed all current local building codes and loads.
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More Barn for Your Buck

Gambrel barns are among our best sellers because they are affordable and functional. They get the job done and provide ample space at a lower price point than A-frame barns. A gambrel style barn is a great way to add affordable, covered square footage to your farm or property. However, just because these barns are affordable doesn’t mean you’ll be sacrificing quality. These barns are built to last, so you’ll be able to enjoy and make use of your investment in a new gambrel style barn for years to come.

Customizable and Durable Barns

Despite our gambrel style metal barns having a specific design that makes them unique, there are still many other aspects you can customize to your specifications. With our online Color Planner, you can choose your ideal color combination from our 14 available color options and see what they’ll look like once installed. In addition to a variety of color options and an uncolored Galvalume panel, you can keep designing your barn with the following customization options.

  • Size Dimensions
  • Anchoring Systems
  • Walk-in and Garage Doors
  • Windows
  • Certifications

They’re Fully Functional and Affordable!

In addition to the features that set them apart from our other metal buildings, our gambrel barns are also among our best sellers because of their affordability and functionality. They can get the job done while providing you with enough space to fulfill a variety of agricultural, residential, and commercial needs. These versatile structures are the best way you can get the protection and storage you need for your home and property, all for a price you can afford. And just because these barns are affordable doesn’t mean you’ll be compromising on their quality. They’re built to last, so you’ll be able to enjoy your new investment and focus your attention back to more important matters.

Did We Mention There’s Little Maintenance Required?

Made with the finest steel materials in the metal building industry, our gambrel roof barns can withstand almost any weather conditions and daily wear and tear for years on end. And because each steel component is coated with chemicals to ensure their durability, you won’t have to worry about regular cleaning or maintenance as you would with a wooden or aluminum structure. With the occasional TLC and attention, you can have peace of mind knowing your barn will continue to look bright and fresh while providing you with exceptional coverage and storage space.

Sizes and Prices of Prefab Gambrel Barns

When it comes to choosing the size dimensions of your gambrel roof steel barn, it’s important to keep a few factors into consideration:

  • Budget
  • Available space on install site
  • Current Needs
  • Anticipated Needs

We want you to get the great barn for your buck, but if you invest in a structure that can’t fulfill both your current and future needs, you might be in a sticky situation. Be sure that the size dimensions you choose will also remain within your budget, as it can affect the cost of your structure greatly.

Not only will the size of your barn affect its price, but so will its install location, certification, added customizations, and manufacturer. If you have a limited amount of funds to work with, there are two excellent rent-to-own and financing programs to take into consideration. You can find more information about these programs on our website or you can give one of our building specialists a call.

Multiple Applications for Gambrel Barns

You can use these versatile structures for a wide array of purposes, no matter if they’re residential, commercial, or agricultural. Therefore, whether you’re looking for a storage space to keep your feed and farming equipment, a home for your animals, or a new space for an event venue, one of our prefab gambrel barns can do it all. We’ve listed several applications below for you to take into consideration.

  • Wedding Hall
  • Business Offices
  • Equipment Storage
  • Veterinary Clinic
  • Storage Unit

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Whether you’re ready to invest in your own steel gambrel barn or if you simply wish to know more about these unique structures, one of our building representatives will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and start an order. With such a variety of barn styles and customization options, we guarantee you’ll be getting exactly what you need and want for a price you can afford. Just give us a call today at (866) 681-7846, and we’ll be happy to get started.

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