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Are you thinking about getting a boat? Maybe you already have one, and you love her and everything she offers. A boat is expensive and just as liable to damage as other motor vehicles. Since there are garages and carports to protect your cars from the weather, damage, and theft, you need a boat shelter, too!

Coast to Coast Carports has just the thing you need to protect your boat. Call Coast to Coast Carports today at (866) 681-7846 to know about a metal boat garage that fits your needs. From design opportunities to financing plans, Coast to Coast Carports takes pride in offering customer satisfaction.

  • Outstanding metal carport, available at an affordable price.
  • Made from the highest-quality, galvanized, American-made steel.
  • Engineer-certified carport to meet your state codes.
  • Flexible, fully-customizable, and adaptable to fit your needs.
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Your Boat Deserves the Best Metal Boat Garage on the Market

If what you want is complete protection for your boat, you have to connect with Coast to Coast Carports. The company has made art out of providing metal building protections and shelters for various purposes. The trained professionals at Coast to Coast Carports design boat shelters to be strong and durable enough to withstand all weather conditions — torrential rain, hails, heavy snow, thunderstorms, and so on.

The boat shelters from Coast to Coast Carports are also highly customizable and offer you a cheaper alternative to expensive monthly payments for marinas. The industry’s strongest warranty will also guarantee your structure. These convenient shelters are accessible from both ends. That means no annoying backing up is required to drop off your boat. They can also be installed on your property, or over your dock, depending on your needs.

If you have any more questions about metal boat shelter buildings from Coast to Coast Carports, call and speak to a building specialist now at (866) 681-7846.

Metal Boat Garage Styles at Coast to Coast Carports

There are three major custom metal boat garage and shed styles available at Coast to Coast Carports.

Regular roof style:

The regular roof style features horizontal roof paneling with curves made to meet the building walls. Though people might describe it as normal, this roof style’s specific qualities are far from regular. This type of roof style is also the most demanded because of its relative affordability compared to other roof styles. Building specialists recommend regular roof style for projects based in areas where the weather is relatively mild.

A-Frame horizontal roof style

The A-Frame horizontal roof is also known as the Boxed-Eave roof style. Experts design it to be quite similar to the regular roof style, as it also has horizontal roof paneling. However, manufacturers develop the Boxed-Eave roof with extra steel components to give it more load-bearing capabilities and durability. Building specialists recommend this roof style for projects based in places that experience moderate weather conditions and high winds.

Vertical roof style

This type of roof style is the best that is available. The vertical roof style features vertical roof paneling that makes for easier dislodging of debris from the building’s top. The various extra steel components and designs that make the roof extremely durable and impressively strong are justifications for its high price. However, the benefits far outweigh the cost. Building specialists recommend the vertical roof style for projects based in places that experience highly volatile weather conditions. If you want premium protection for your boat, then this is the boat shelter to go for.

Why Should You Buy Metal Boat Sheds or Garages?

Are there more cost-effective and highly dependable alternatives to getting your own metal boat garage? No, there aren’t. What other options do you have? You can’t keep your boat at the marina for long. The cost will keep rising and will eventually be too much. Why waste money on marinas that are not as efficient and dependable as a metal boat shed or a garage?

Metal boat shelters from Coast to Coast Carports are built with steel frames and components. They basically protect your watercraft from all sorts of threats, including theft, damage, blisters, the weather, and so on. The cost of building and installing a metal boat shed or a garage is also not as expensive as the amount you’ll end up spending on a monthly payment for the usage of a marina. A steel boat shed is better than any other alternative you might think up. Contact Coast to Coast Carports at (866) 681-7846 for more information on metal boat sheds.

How to Choose a Perfect Steel Boat Garage?

When choosing the ideal steel boat garage for your boat, you should put some things into consideration, so you don’t later regret it. The first thing to consider is the size of your property. Your property should have enough space to house a custom steel boat garage.

You should also consider the size of the boat you want to store. Some boats are so large that normal garages can’t house them, so you want to factor the boat’s size into the equation when planning or designing your ideal metal boat garage.

Another thing to consider is alternative uses or application of the structure. If you plan to use the boat shelter for any other purpose, you should factor in the potential future use, too, before finalizing your order.

The building specialists at Coast to Coast Carports can help you choose the perfect metal boat garage for your boat. All you have to do is call at (866) 681-7846.

Storage for All Boat Classes

Depending on your area, there are specifications and limitations on storage for various classes of boats. Some states classify boats according to length or clearance height, and this may also apply to you. Not to worry, Coast to Coast Carports has the required skill and expertise to deliver your custom steel boat storage according to regulations.

Here are the various boat classes and their ideal storage codes:

  • Class A: if your boat is less than 16 feet in length, your boat is a class A craft. These boats should be kept in an enclosed 20’ x 20’ steel building. That is enough space to protect the vessel and store additional boating gear.
  • Class 1: if your boat length is more than 16 feet but less than 25 feet, we can safely classify it as a class 1 boat. You should secure this type of boat in a 40’ x 40’ or 30’ x 40’ metal boat garage.
  • Class 2: these boats have a length that measures between 26 feet to 40 feet. You can safely secure this type of boat in a 40’ x 40’ metal boat garage.
  • Class 3: a boat whose length is between 40 feet and 65 feet is classified as a class 3 boat. Coast to Coast Carports prescribes 40’ x 80’ sized steel buildings or any structure larger for these types of vessels.

Other Customization Options for Prefab Boat Garages

One other thing that makes metal boat garages from Coast to Coast Carports unique is the flexible customization options. Coast to Coast Carports, in the spirit of enhancing customer satisfaction, presents customers with the freedom to take advantage of the many customization features to design their ideal metal boat garage.

Customization options made available to customers include flexible size choices, door and windows options — choosing between walk-in, roll-up, and garage doors, steel frame gauges, roof panels gauges, certifications, and so on.

In addition to this, Coast to Coast Carports also offers you flexible color options to spice up your steel structure. You can choose one or more from the following 13 color options: Barn Red, Black, Burgundy, Clay, Earth Brown, Evergreen, Pebble Beige, Pewter Gray, Quaker Gray, Rawhide, Slate Blue, White, and Sandstone.

Prices for Metal Boat Garages and Boat Sheds for Sale

For an affordable and budget-friendly metal boat garage, Coast to Coast Carports is the manufacturer to deal with. The company offers various customer-friendly policies to streamline your path to possession of a customized metal boat garage. However, certain factors might cause an increase in the overall price of a metal boat garage. Such factors include your customization choices, location, and so on.

Coast to Coast Carports also offers flexible financing options that include: a rent-to-own option and a traditional financing program. Call Coast to Coast Carports at (866) 681-7846 for more information on metal boat garage financing options.

The Best Boat Shelter for Your Prized Possession

You deserve the best when it comes to your boat. Don’t settle for substandard metal boat garages when you can have the best metal manufacturer in the industry at your beck and call. The qualified and trained design consultants make sure metal boat sheds look amazing on your property. Don’t forget to ask about free and fast delivery as well as an exclusive 20-year rust-through warranty for your metal boat garage. Get ready for the endless compliments from your neighbors about your excellent boat shelter. Call Coast to Coast Carports today at (866) 681-7846.

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