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Metal Loafing Sheds


One of the most utilized buildings on a farm or ranch is the loafing shed. Also commonly known as a stable, loafing sheds have always been a staple for farm owners everywhere. In the past, loafing sheds were made of wood, but at Coast To Coast Carports, we offer state-of-the-art steel loafing sheds with wooded kick walls available to protect livestock.

  • Top-quality farm building, available at a surprisingly affordable price.
  • Functional yet attractive, to house your livestock, grain, or farm machinery.
  • Endless size options to choose from to fit your needs.
  • Guaranteed to meet or exceed all current local building codes and loads.
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Popular Metal Loafing Sheds

Metal Loafing Sheds - The Perfect Agricultural Solution

To put it quite simply, loafing sheds are small barns that have been specifically designed and engineered to both protect and house your livestock. These three-wall buildings are offered in a variety of sizes and styles here at Coast to Coast Carports, each with the ability to be tailored to your exact needs and specifications.

Roof Styles

There are three available roofing options to choose from in the metal building industry; regular roofs, A-frame horizontal roofs, and vertical roofs. Each roof is designed with its own unique design and features to better protect your property throughout the years. We’ve listed information about each roof style below to help you make an educated decision.

Regular Roof

The regular roofing system is the most economical and affordable option available in the metal building industry. They’re designed and installed with horizontally aligned panels and rounded edges, making them suitable for areas that only receive mild weather conditions. Their primary advantage over other roofing options is being the most affordable style.

A-Frame Horizontal Roof

Also known as a boxed eave roof style, the A-frame horizontal roofing system is also installed with horizontal paneling. However, it is best suited for structures that will be installed in areas prone to high winds and light precipitation. The main reason customers purchase this roof isn’t just because they blend seamlessly with other structures, but also because you can own an A-frame style structure for a cheaper price than that of a vertical roof.

Vertical Roof

Vertical roofs are the most popular and durable option offered in the metal building industry. They’re well known for their unique design, vertically oriented panels, and additional paneling for additional strength. While they’re designed to withstand all climate types, they’re highly recommended for areas prone to extreme weather conditions.

Customize Your Ideal Metal Loafing Shed

After you’ve chosen the perfect roof style for your new loafing shed, there’s more customization options to personalize your structure with. Every aspect of our steel buildings are fully customizable, from the foundation they are installed on, to the roof that completes the project. A few of our customization options include, but are not limited to, the following options:

  • Colors – Choose your color combination from our collection of 14 color options, including premium and standard choices. You can colorize the trim, walls, and roof of your steel loafing shed.

  • Size Dimensions – You have the choice to choose a set of standard size dimensions offered here at Coast to Coast, or you can customize them to meet both your current and anticipated needs.

  • Doors – We offer a full selection of garage doors to choose from, as well as our several walk-in doors. If you’d prefer to have a custom door installed, you can always choose to have frame-outs installed that will fit your doors perfectly.

  • Gauges – Choose between our standard 14-gauge steel framing or our stronger, more durable 12-gauge steel framing. You can also choose the gauge of your sheet panels; 26- or 29-gauge.

  • Anchors – There are four types of anchors that can be used during the installation of your loafing shed, including asphalt anchors, concrete anchors, mobile home anchors, and rebar anchors.

Use Your Loafing Shed for a Variety of Purposes

Though it’s a common belief, our loafing sheds aren’t limited to simply protecting your livestock from Mother Nature. Rather, they can be used for a much larger variety of personal, residential, and agricultural purposes. From being utilized as a calving or fawning stable, horse stall, hay storage, or a tack room, these versatile structures can do most anything you desire.

  • Keeping your farming equipment running smoothly can be quite difficult when you aren’t providing it with adequate protection. But with one of our loafing sheds, you can now keep your smaller pieces of agricultural equipment sheltered from theft and Mother Nature.

  • Another useful way to take advantage of our versatile steel loafing sheds is as a playhouse or shelter outside your home. Whether it will be used as a cover for your kids while they wait for the bus, their own playhouse, or a shelter for your outdoor pets, you can do whatever you wish.

  • Whether you feed your animals in your pasture or in a corral, one of our custom prefab loafing sheds can be utilized as a dry, warm, safe place for them to safely feed. It can also stand as a storage area for your hay, feed, and grain.

Advantages of Investing in a Custom Steel Loafing Shed

Compared to their wooden counterparts, our loafing sheds are a far superior storage option and protective shelter for all your needs. They’re made with the finest, most durable steel components available in the metal building industry. In addition to not being susceptible to rot, rust, fire, or pest infestations, there are several other benefits you stand to gain by investing in one of our custom loafing sheds at Coast to Coast Carports.

  • Durable
  • American Made
  • Cost-Effective
  • Reliable
  • Affordable

Sizes and Prices of Prefab Metal Loafing Sheds

As one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make while designing your loafing shed or metal loafing shed kit, it’s crucial that you choose a set of size dimensions to fulfill both your current and future needs. When you choose the right size for your loafing shed, not only will it fulfill all your needs, but it will grow with them. However, these sizes will vary based on your needs, available property, and your budget. It’s also important to keep in mind that whatever dimensions you may choose, it will affect the final price of your structure. In addition to the size of your metal building affect the price, its style, customization options, premium colors, install location, certification, and manufacturer will also influence the price. While these factors can add up over time, there are two rent-to-own and financing options available for your financial needs. You can find more information about these payment plans on our website, or you can call us today to speak with one of our representatives.

Certified Vs. Non-Certified Loafing Sheds

Based on the area you live in your local building department’s requirements, you may or may not be required to certify your prefab steel loafing shed. Certified structures are designed and engineered to meet your local and state building codes as well as certain wind and snow loads. They are also installed with additional bracing and anchors, 12-gauge steel framing, and much thicker sheet paneling. Even if you aren’t required by your local ordinances to certify your shed, we still recommend it as it will provide additional protection to your belongings.

Non-certified loafing sheds, although they are built differently, are still a durable, reliable source of shelter and protection. The primary difference between certified and non-certified buildings is that non-certified units are not engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions. This makes them best suited for areas that do not typically receive high winds, heavy rainfall, or heavy snowfall.

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