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11Oct 2019Metal Buildings

Get Your Livestock Ready for the Winter Season with Metal Loafing Sheds


In October 2013, what was expected to be the average first snow of the season turned into a monster blizzard across the northern Great Plains. When the skies cleared and the snows melted, the cattle, horses, sheep, and bison that had been left unprotected or had been unable to be brought back from grazing on range lead to deaths nearing 43,000 head. This terrible loss was felt by stockmen across the Plains for many years after the snowstorm. However, given proper protection through loafing sheds, many of these losses could have been avoided. When winter's harsh bite and bitter cold cuts deep into your stock's ability to withstand the weather, providing simple protection delivers strong results. By lowering the bite of the wind and providing a place for your stock to shelter from the elements, you can lower feed costs and lost gains. Though these shelters have often been costly in the past, prefab loafing sheds provide you with inexpensive options that deliver strong results time and again. Here's a look at how strong, durable steel loafing sheds can make the difference for your stock this winter.

Prepare a Wintertime Wish List

A wish list is something we often consider as children, but there's a range of wish lists that can help you get your stock - and your farm - on solid ground. For a farmer or rancher, your winter wish list must be based on what you need instead of the winsome wishes of childhood: Your livestock needs to have a well-ventilated shelter to provide shelter from the harsh reality of the elements. A solid loafing shed provides good shelter from the elements, even if it's only the most basic protection from wind and temperature. An insulated shed means that you'll see fewer losses in terms of deaths and lower weight gain, because your livestock will stay warmer. Custom loafing sheds can include a wide range of options, including great insulation customization. Spare storage room allows you to stock up on hay and other items that can be difficult to acquire in the winter months. Steel loafing sheds allow you to move stock out onto pasture and put critical barn space to storage use for those hard-to-find items. Have you prepared for winter power outages? When the 2007 ice storm hit southwest Missouri, power was out to many farms for up to two months. Within days, farms couldn't pump water for their livestock, requiring farmers to chop holes in their stock ponds several times daily.

Consider Having Metal Loafing Sheds

Though animals are bred to be strong and sturdy, they need shelter to protect them from strong winds and driving snows. Metal loafing sheds provide an excellent option for shelter while keeping livestock safe and healthy. Here's a quick look at the benefits a loafing shed can have during the winter months: Incredibly Solid - Durable, robust metal loafing sheds can last for well over a decade, due to their solid construction, strong metal materials, and ability to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions.
Maintenance Free - Farmers and ranchers have little free time. Instead of spending significant time maintaining your property, the galvanizing layer on loafing sheds protects the steel from the elements, preventing rust. This requires virtually no maintenance.
Built-in Ventilation - Your metal loafing sheds have good ventilation. Fortunately, this type of loafing shed often have built-in ventilation systems, whether a fan or a simple opening in the roof or wall to dissipate ammonia and other noxious fumes.
Insulation - To truly improve your livestock's ability to continue gaining weight during the cold winter months, an insulated metal loafing shed can provide superior results. Insulation is a common option that can provide a strong return on investment.
Customizable - Custom loafing sheds allow you to change the size to accommodate more livestock, roof style to work with heavy snow loads and colors, allowing you to take advantage of solar heat gain during the winter.
Easy to Construct - Prefab loafing sheds are engineered to take minimal time in construction. They are easy to assemble, making them a fast option to get in operation quickly.

Protect Your Livestock Today! Get a Steel Loafing Shed.

By taking a little time to protect your livestock from the worst of winter's cold and weather, you can ensure that your stock will thrive, even through the harshest elements. Instead of fretting through the winter, you can take the time to enjoy the winter and plan for the upcoming season. Buying a metal loafing shed from Coast to Coast Carports provides you with solid options with fast national delivery, amazing service, and solid construction. Ready to enjoy your winter instead of struggling through it? Contact us today on (866) 681-7846 to get started.

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