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How Wide is a Clear Span Metal Building?
28Jun 2021Metal Buildings

How Wide is a Clear Span Metal Building?

How Wide is a Clear Span Metal Building?

What is a Clear Span Building?

‘Clear span’ is an architectural term for the distance between the inner edges of span supports, i.e., the unsupported space. Steel buildings with clear spans offer a comprehensive and transparent surface free from posts and beams. There are no supporting pillars in a straightforward span design, as opposed to pole buildings.

Prefab metal buildings without columns or posts provide the most uninterrupted interior space. Steel buildings with a clear span are the best choice when maximum interior space is needed. Among the possible applications are:

• Hangars for aircraft • Churches • Indoor arenas for equestrian sport • Gyms • Indoor swimming pools • Facilities for indoor sports • Manufacturing plants of a large scale • Shelters for agricultural equipment or large trucks • The auditoriums of schools • Ice rinks • Theatrical venues • Storage facilities

Clear Span vs. Standard Span Buildings: What’s the Difference?

Any additional beams do not support the span between the columns in a pre-engineered clear span steel building. The clear span is that space between vertical posts or beams that do not receive any support from them.

Prefab metal buildings with clear spans make the building stronger and more durable. They use massive overhead support beams while building with standard spans relies on smaller, vertical beams inside the metal structures.

Longest Clear Span Building in the World

Did you know that Dallas Cowboys’ new Steel-Framed AT&T Stadium boasts the world’s most extended clear span roof structure? This 73-acre steel-frame behemoth covers three million square feet of space.

Arched in the middle of the stadium, the roof rises 220 feet above the field. They used a total of 3,255 tons of bricks to construct the boxed arches. The archways measure 17 feet wide and 35 feet deep. Experts needed over 50,000 steel bolts to build the arch spans.

At each end of the stadium, 180 feet x 120 feet glass doors are the world’s most enormous operable glass doors. These giant doors can be opened or closed in 18 minutes. Professionals used approximately 14,100 tons of structural steel for the stadium’s roof and roof structures.

Even by Texas standards, the AT&T Stadium is enormous. Clearly showing the strength and limitless possibilities of steel, this architectural and engineering feat is a triumph.

How Do You Measure Clear Span Framing?

The advantages of clear span construction are cost-effectiveness and the absence of interior support. There is, however, a price increase after a specific size limit, typically around 150 feet wide.

To support a more significant load after 150 feet, the frame must become proportionately heavier. In other words, more materials mean more money. We’ll now look at how to measure clear span framing.

• Frame Width

You can determine the frame width by measuring between the outside surfaces of the girts or struts in the eaves. Between the columns, girts provide stability. To the girts are fastened the wall panels. The eaves are also similar crossbeams that run from top to bottom of the wall.

• Clear Span

In this prefab metal building case, you will need to measure the dimensions of both the column and the wall adjacent to it to get the dimensions you are looking for.

• Eave Height

The eave height is the distance between the top of the eave strut and the bottom of the base place of a wall column.

• Clear Height

This term refers to the distance between the floor level and the lowest point within the structure, usually the roof ribs supporting the form.

Types of Clear Span Framing

Clear span buildings can be constructed either as single-span buildings or as multi-span buildings based on the square footage of floor space you need.

• Single Span Rigid Frame

Depending on the rigid frame building’s width, it can be up to 30 feet wide and up to 24 feet high at the eaves. Any construction smaller than 30 feet or more prominent than 120 feet cannot be done economically with this type of frame.

Special needs frames can occasionally span up to 200 feet. It doesn’t matter if the columns are straight or tapered and if the exterior walls have headroom or not.

For buildings with a significant, clear height in the middle and a large, steep roof slope, single spans are ideal.

• Multi-span Rigid Frame

Distribution centers, factories, and massive warehouses are among the applications of clear span buildings.

A multi-span rigid frame can theoretically be any size, but you need expansion joints for increased stability every 300 feet or so. The columns and rafters can be straight or tapered, and you can insert additional columns inside the space. A central location for the interior columns may be necessary, depending on the design or application.

More significant buildings are more prone to this. In addition, once installed, the columns are difficult to move.

Reasons to Choose Clear Span Metal Building

Clear span buildings offered by Coast to Coast Carports have many advantages compared to other forms of metal buildings.

• Additional Space

If you’re taking the time to add metal buildings, you want to make sure you can utilize all of your space! Clear span buildings allow you to do this, as there are no vertical support beams to get in your way. You can use nearly every inch of the prefab metal buildings on your residential, commercial, or agricultural property.

• More Customization Options

When you choose a clear span metal building, you have more options to choose from regarding the layout and design of your structure. The flexibility this provides puts clear span buildings above the rest.

• Save Money

Clear span metal buildings are more economical than wood. Both the labor and material costs of building a clear span construction instead of another type will save you in the long run.

• The Design is Attractive

Clear span metal buildings look great because they provide that open, unobstructed floorplan. Even clear span building kits and prefab metal buildings complement the architecture on your property because of the vast range of styles and colors available.

Get Clear Span Metal Buildings Today!

Coast to Coast Carports is a leading steel buildings manufacturer. Providing clear span metal buildings with the fastest delivery in the industry is one of our specialties. Whether you need a metal garage for a rental property or a commercial property, our team of experts is ready to help. Customization options are virtually endless for high-quality metal buildings, including clear span building kits. That way, your prefab metal buildings don’t come as a one-size-fits-all generic metal box. You can have it match your property for the best curb appeal. Besides, as one of the best in the metal buildings industry, you can also expect quick delivery across the USA.

Coast to Coast Carports is here to provide you with safe and durable metal buildings, whether you’re building a home or a business. Let’s get to work together to help you ensure clear span metal buildings will meet your needs. Call Coast to Coast Carports at (866) 681-7846 to get affordable prefab metal buildings.

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