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15Mar 2010Metal Buildings

Oregon Metal Buildings


Coast to Coast Carports is the premiere Oregon metal buildings expert. We have years of steel building design and experience. We strive to produce only top quality products at the best possible prices. We offer personalized service from trained professionals who will work around the clock to ensure customer satisfaction. At Coast to Coast, we have been meeting and exceeding industry standards for years. Our buildings are made in the U.S.A using only 12 or 14 gauge galvanized steel.

Metal Building Variety

Our metal structures have a wide variety of uses. Whether you are looking to store your lawn and garden equipment, bicycles, machinery, heavy equipment, cars, boats, or RVs; we have the perfect building solution for you. Our structures make great sheds, barns, livestock stables, agricultural facilities, warehouses, carports, barns, offices, garages, and more. Coast to Coast has many options to help further customize your metal building. Such options include adding windows, doors, different types of entryways, barn style roofs, boxed eve roofs, standard rolled corner roofs, A-frame style roofs, horizontal or vertical running sheets, gable ends, extra panels, extra support braces, different openings, garage doors, walk-in doors, and other accessories. No matter what you need, we are the leading resource for Oregon metal buildings and we can customize any structure to meet your exact specifications.

Metal Building Experience

Coast to Coast Carports has years of Oregon metal building experience. We are professionals and we will do whatever it takes to deliver the metal building you need. We offer personalized service, trained technicians, and knowledgeable staff of customer service experts. Our steel building systems are constructed to be strong, durable, and solid. With Coast to Coast, you can expect top-of-the-line workmanship at the best possible prices. Trust the company that has spent years servicing the residents of Oregon. Metal buildings are our specialty. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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