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Why Green Buildings are Important to California
23Dec 2021Metal Buildings

Why Green Buildings are Important to California

Why Green Buildings are Important to California

What is Climate Change? How It’s Affecting California?

California is facing a climate crisis; wildfires, drought, and extreme temperatures have increasingly plagued the state since the mid-20th century. Climate scientists predict that these global warming events will continue to occur because of increased greenhouse gases caused by human activity. Even as global governments work to reverse the effects of climate change, CA residents must consider how to prepare for the future. Californians recognize that their access to clean air and water is more and more at risk. The three top environmental concerns for residents are drought, wildfire, and climate change. With these in mind, it’s time to assess how green buildings can benefit the future of California and its residents.

Why Green Buildings are Important

Why are green buildings important to California? Residents of CA are known for their eco-friendly policies and environmentally responsible lifestyles. As climate change takes an economic toll, green buildings offer benefits to everyone!

1. Improved Indoor Environment: Quality of Life

Green metal buildings promote interior air quality! While wood buildings degrade and release toxic particulates into the air, steel buildings are built without the use of chemicals. Metal buildings are particularly good for residents who have allergies or asthma concerns.

2. Enhanced Health: Eco-Friendly for Life

Green metal buildings are perfect for customers who are seeking an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Steel is 100% recyclable, and most steel buildings (including Coast to Coast Carports structures) are built with premium recycled components.

3. Reduced Operational Cost and Maintenance: Traditional vs. Green

Are you ready to save some money? Green metal buildings are built up to 50% more cheaply and 50% faster than traditional wood structures! You read that correctly. Half the time and half the cost!

4. Energy-Efficient

Metal buildings are energy-efficient; most owners report a 30% energy cost reduction! Green steel buildings are easily insulated and expertly sealed for maximum energy efficiency.

5. Carbon Footprint Reduction: Saving the Planet, One Step at a Time

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) estimates that 30% of all greenhouse gases in the United States are generated by buildings. Do your part and invest in a green, energy-efficient, metal building today!

6. Efficient Material: Minimal Use for Maximum Impact

Most metal buildings are built with premium recycled materials! Upcycling – the process of reusing old products – is the latest trend in construction. Steel buildings are easily refurbished or melted down to be reused. Talk to Coast to Coast Carports engineers today to see how you can efficiently use metal in your next build!

7. Built to Last

Certified metal buildings are forecast to last for fifty years or more! Thanks to the quality workmanship of steel structures, like those at Coast to Coast Carports, your new, custom, green metal building will outlast any traditional wood structure.

8. Sustainable

Coast to Coast Carports is committed to sustainable products and practices. Our high-quality steel is American-made and uses quality recycled content to reduce our reliance on new, natural resources. Our buildings are designed to provide efficient climate control and a low carbon footprint!

What does it mean to own a “green” metal building? Coast to Coast Carports defines a “green” structure as a structure built to prevent climate change; our environmentally friendly buildings are built with recycled materials and without the use of toxic chemicals. In this way, we intend to create a more sustainable future.

What Makes Steel Building “Green”?

1. Steel is 100% Recyclable

Every leftover scrap, every damaged panel, and every used component can be recycled! While our engineers only use the highest-quality recycled steel for our buildings, every steel component can be recycled and reused.

2. Steel Structures Conserve Natural Resources

The more we recycle, the more we preserve our natural resources! Coast to Coast Carports is proud to protect virgin forests and mountains with our commitment to reusing resources.

3. Durability with no Harm

California is more prone to natural disasters than most states. It’s important for building owners to be prepared! Our metal buildings are built to handle natural disasters.

4. Environmental Resistance

Wind, fire, and snow are no match for our certified structures! Proven to withstand up to 140mph winds and 25psf snow loads, our steel structures are built to withstand the rigors of climate change.

5. Less Waste During Construction

Metal buildings are constructed with state-of-the-art software. Our factory precision cuts every steel component to eliminate wasteful scrap.

Metal Buildings Save Habitats and Ecosystems in California

With the highest concentration of unique animals and plants in America, California is an incredibly biodiverse region. It is home to the largest number of endangered species as well, species at greater risk as global warming and human development continue to encroach on natural habitats.

How can metal buildings from Coast to Coast Carports help? First, our structures are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Second, our clear span designs are perfect for housing wildlife of every kind. Pest-resistant and fire-resistant, our buildings will securely shelter endangered plants and animals until their keepers are ready to return them to the wild.

Coast to Coast Carports: The Best in Green California Metal Building

The world is changing! Don’t wait to secure your custom metal building; our engineers are ready to build the green structure you need. Every All-American structure is created with the individual customer in mind – that’s you! Our stellar customer service representatives can’t wait to talk to you about what you want, from colors to dimensions to financing. We want to create more than a building; we want to build a relationship.

Coast to Coast Carports pass incredible savings on to our customers. When you want the best prices and the best lead times, you want Coast to Coast Carports! You won’t find better service or quality anywhere.

Call today at (866) 681-7846, and get the best, green, California building for you!

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