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Create the Perfect Floor Plan for Commercial Metal Buildings
27Mar 2023Metal Buildings

Create the Perfect Floor Plan for Commercial Metal Buildings

Create the Perfect Floor Plan for Commercial Metal Buildings

Commercial Metal Buildings

When it comes to business infrastructure, having the right setup is incredibly important. And a big part of that setup will be the design of your floor plan. This floor plan will dictate how you use your business and have a significant say in your productivity and longevity.

Having an intelligent floor plan is extremely handy for your business. And one way business owners are taking control over the customization of their floor plans is with commercial-grade metal buildings. These large metal buildings are highly adaptable and can be custom-designed to fit any industry or application.

And if you plan to form a business or are expanding an established one, you'll want to know the best ways to create the right floor plan for your needs. In this blog, we'll cover some important things to keep in mind to develop the perfect floor plan for your business and the many ways metal buildings can be used in commercial enterprises.

Important Things to Consider for the Perfect Floor Plan for Your Commercial Metal Building

So, how does one achieve a ‘perfect’ floor plan? Well, there are several aspects you’ll need to focus on to get the best results. Some of these include:

1. Consider Your Lot Size and Orientation

One of the first things to consider when designing a floor plan for your commercial metal building is the size and orientation of your lot. You need to be aware of any setbacks or other zoning regulations that may affect the size and placement of your building. Additionally, the orientation of your lot can have a big impact on the natural lighting and ventilation of your building, which can affect energy efficiency and employee comfort.

2. Multipurpose Workspaces

Another important consideration when designing a floor plan for your industrial metal building is creating multipurpose workspaces. This means designing spaces that can be used for multiple functions, which can help you maximize the potential of your building while minimizing the overall footprint. For example, an area that can be used for both storage and as a break room can help reduce the need for separate rooms and hallways.

3. Reduce Redundant Spaces

Reducing redundant spaces is another important consideration when designing a floor plan for your commercial metal building. This means eliminating any unnecessary or redundant spaces, which can help you create a more efficient layout that maximizes usable space. For example, consider consolidating into one larger storage area instead of having multiple small storage rooms.

4. Reduce Storage Area Space

While storage is vital for many businesses, it's important to be mindful of how much space you allocate. Utilizing mezzanine levels or overhead storage can help you maximize your storage space without sacrificing usable floor space. By reducing storage areas and finding creative ways to store items vertically or offsite, you can save valuable space for other functions.

5. Follow a Practical Flow

Finally, when designing a floor plan for your commercial metal building, following a practical flow is important. You'll need to design spaces in a logical order that minimizes the need for backtracking or crossing paths. For example, placing production areas near loading docks and storage areas near receiving areas can help create a more efficient flow.

Seven Ways to Use Commercial Metal Buildings for Your Business

As we’ve mentioned, large metal buildings are perfect for a wide variety of businesses and industries. So, no matter your chosen enterprise, these structures offer unrivaled strength and flexibility. In fact, let's look at several businesses that can benefit from these types of structures:

1. Business Offices

Large metal buildings can easily be used as spacious and durable office spaces. They can be customized to include features such as conference rooms, break rooms, and multiple offices, perfect for any business office.

2. Retail Stores

Commercial metal buildings make excellent retail spaces. They provide ample room for product displays, storage, and customer traffic. Additionally, clear span metal buildings can be built with no columns or support beams in the way, allowing for an open and flexible layout.

3. Restaurants

Metal buildings can also serve as great infrastructure for restaurants. They offer a sturdy and durable structure that can withstand harsh weather conditions and are customizable to include features such as kitchens, dining areas, and restrooms.

4. Church

Large metal buildings are an excellent option for churches and worship centers, providing an enormous amount of open square footage and the adaptability to make worship facilities, break rooms, bathrooms, and more.

5. Apartments and Homes

Metal buildings can also be used as homes or apartments, with plenty of space for multiple rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. They’re energy-efficient and low maintenance, making them an attractive option for building a new home or apartment complex.

6. Garages and Workshops

Metal buildings are also ideal for use as garages or workshops. They can be customized to include features such as vehicle lifts, storage space, and workbenches.

Let Coast to Coast Carports Help Grow Your Business!

Whether you're a long-time business owner or starting your first enterprise, Coast to Coast Carports has the infrastructure you need to operate smoothly and efficiently. From small backyard sheds to large commercial metal structures, we do it all! We have a track record of delivering high-quality structures that last decades and require minimal maintenance.

These structures have everything you need to custom-design and cater a business to your specific desires without breaking the bank.

So, if you're ready to get down to business, call Coast to Coast Carports at (866) 681-7846! Our building experts will happily walk you through the design process and help you customize a commercial metal structure for your new business!

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