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Metal Buildings & Building Kits in Tennessee
08Feb 2022Metal Buildings

Metal Buildings & Building Kits in Tennessee

Metal Buildings & Building Kits in Tennessee

Popular Metal Buildings

From the shining lights of Memphis to the beauty of the Cumberland Gap, Tennessee offers a wealth of opportunities and culture for visitors and residents. It’s hard to imagine how any one product could be useful in every walk of TN life; agriculture, industry, and commercial interests are all growing in the Volunteer State. Why are metal buildings becoming so popular in every part of Tennessee? Whether you are shopping for affordable housing, hunting for your next commercial space, or looking to invest in a new industrial venture, a metal building is your best choice! Steel structures are more cost-effective than their stick-built counterparts and expertly engineered to last for decades longer than wood frames. They need very little maintenance and are certified to withstand extreme weather conditions. With the brilliance of clear span engineering, the interiors of metal buildings can be used for office spaces, livestock stalls, or luxury guest suites. It’s time to consider how a metal building will work for you!

Built for Tennessee

Coast to Coast Carports’ building specialists are committed to a high-quality manufacturing process. Every metal building is engineered with cold-formed steel, which is rated Type 1 by the International Building Code (IBC). Our frames are customized to the needs of individual clients, and we are committed to providing flexible, durable, versatile structures. Your new TN metal building can be used for a variety of purposes.

Popular Metal Building Types in Tennessee

1) Metal Carports

The modern metal carport is more than a simple vehicle shelter. Our customized carports can be built tall enough to accommodate your luxury RV or boat.

2) Metal Garages

Do you need a customized workshop for you to work on your antique car? Or do you need a spacious interior for the family fleet and additional storage? The metal garages constructed by Coast to Coast Carports are customized with as many access points, doors, and windows as you need!

3) Agricultural Buildings

Keep your feed expertly sealed within the energy-efficient interior of a steel structure. Mold-resistant, pest-resistant steel is the safest place to store your crops. Your livestock will love the secure interior provided by galvanized paneling.

4) Commercial Metal Buildings

Are you weary of wasting time and energy trying to find a rental space that will work for your store? Buy your own metal building and get the space that will work for you! Plan your commercial enterprise with the optimal flow, the right amount of inventory storage, and the safety ratings you need!

6) Custom Built Buildings

Do you need a workshop? A home office? A custom build that no one understands but you? Our engineers are experts in design. We use state-of-the-art software in every precision cut! You tell us what you need, and we’ll deliver.

6) Metal Building Homes

Custom homes are historically expensive and time-intensive. Luxury metal homes from Coast to Coast Carports are built in half the time and at half the cost! Our engineers have perfected structural designs to deliver the strongest metal frames to your door in as little as eight weeks. Get your dream home underway today!

7) Storage Buildings

Your belongings are valuable. Whether you’re storing the family heirlooms, your favorite tools, or photos from a bygone era, you need a storage building you can count on. Cold-formed steel is more durable than wood or brick and will keep pests and moisture away.

8) And more!

Tennessee Metal Building Roof Styles

• Regular Roof Style

The standard, regular roof is recommended for temperate, mild climates. It is engineered with curved edges and cold-formed steel and backed by our fantastic rust-through warranty. If you are not sure if your climate has mild or moderate weather, we recommend contacting one of our specialists!

• A-Frame Roof Style

The A-frame, or “boxed-eave” style”, is rated for areas with moderate weather conditions and will withstand high winds. However, it is not recommended for areas with high snowfall and rainfall because of its horizontal panel installation. If you have questions regarding your location’s weather and recommendations, please reach out to one of our incredible expert staff members!

• Vertical Roof Style

The vertical roof is our highest-rated roof, with a capacity of 35psf snow load and wind resistance of 140mph! Because of its vertical steel panel engineering and installation, snow and rain will be directed toward the ground, so you will never need to concern yourself with accumulation on your roof.

Metal Building Kits in Tennessee

Did you know that you can install your Tennessee metal building? Coast to Coast Carports steel frames are prefabricated on the factory floor using state-of-the-art software. Our engineers ensure that every component is precision cut, drilled, and molded before it leaves for the installation site so that when your kit arrives, it needs only bolting and anchoring to the foundation to be completed. It’s a straightforward, DIY project! Don’t wait on a crew and their calendar. Build your building on your own time!

Coast to Coast Carports building kits comes with all the steel frame supports, members, truss, and base rail you’ll need. All necessary hardware is also included. Depending on your foundation choice, the appropriate anchor for your building is also included. You can still customize your kit! Call today and discuss your needs with one of our friendly specialists.

Our Tennessee Metal Buildings are on Sale Now!

Are you ready for your life to benefit from a Tennessee metal building? The time to partner with Coast to Coast Carports is now! After all, you deserve the very best service and the very best products at the very best price!

Our engineers create the best TN metal buildings, using high-quality steel in every model. Our building specialists have decades of experience, so you’ll get exactly what you want! Every Coast to Coast Carports structure is backed by our workmanship warranties, proving that we have confidence in everything we make.

Our team is committed to customer satisfaction; we won’t be satisfied until you love your Tennessee steel building! Our experts will ensure you have the financing you want to get your building right away. Call now at (866) 681-7846 and discover the Coast to Coast Carports difference today!

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