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Metal Buildings for Distribution Centers
27Jul 2022Metal Buildings

Metal Buildings for Distribution Centers

Metal Buildings for Distribution Centers

Finding ample warehousing space in this day and age can be quite challenging for many business owners. In recent years, the cost of renting facilities for storage and distribution has increased tremendously, rising to prohibitively expensive rates. But as finding industrial-sized storage space becomes increasingly complex, there is a ray of hope for companies seeking cost-effective warehouse space. Prefab industrial metal warehouses are engineered for strength and customizability, providing businesses with the room and adaptability they need to operate. Below, we’ll dive deeper into how metal buildings have become a go-to option for medium and larger-sized businesses hoping to maximize their storage capacity without spending a fortune in the process.

Distribution Centers: A Growing Industry

With e-commerce and digital sales operating at a fever pitch, it’s no surprise that the need for distribution centers has evolved into a massive market. With items and services being offered across the globe, retail companies require the infrastructure to quickly and accurately move merchandise to the customer. In addition, Tentpole companies like Amazon and Walmart need these enormous warehouses and distribution centers to coordinate the management and shipping of their products.

Metal Buildings for Distribution Centers

Some metal buildings, like those built with clear span engineering, can be created at enormous sizes without needing internal support. This clever design allows these buildings to offer unprecedented amounts of open interior space – perfect for larger corporations needing to store massive amounts of inventory. They're also highly customizable and capable of being catered to a business's exact needs. It makes them perfect for warehouses, processing plants, manufacturing facilities, and any project that requires tons of storage.

30x40 Industrial Metal Buildings

A 30x40 prefab metal building offers roughly 1,200 square feet of internal space. While providing plenty of room for a small garage space, it is not large enough for a distribution center. However, these buildings are still quite useful for companies that do require massive amounts of storage room.

1. Vehicle Storage

Large companies will likely require an abundance of vehicles to function well. These cars, trucks, and equipment will all need to be carefully maintained, repaired, and stored when not in use. Fortunately, 30x40 metal buildings make fantastic garage spaces for company vehicles, offering an abundance of square footage while protecting cars from the elements.

2. Equipment Storage

Much like vehicles, large companies use tons of equipment daily. Whether they're forklifts, cranes, or semis, these valuable pieces of equipment must be protected when not in service. Steel buildings are a perfect, cost-efficient way of offering that protection.

3. Office Spaces

Distribution centers will also likely need an abundance of office spaces for their employees. These businesses need plenty of office employees to handle the day-to-day operations while ensuring that everything in the processing centers runs smoothly. Metal buildings are a fantastic choice for this role since they can be customized, finished, and transformed into great indoor work spaces.

Why Steel Buildings Are the Perfect Choice for Distribution Centers

There are many reasons why steel buildings are a perfect choice for distribution centers across the country. In fact, they're so popular that over 80% of all new commercial construction are steel buildings! So, let's dive into what makes these buildings such an excellent option for many different businesses.

1. Customized Interiors

Not all businesses are the same! As such, every building will have to be built with a unique approach that’s right for that particular company. Some businesses require refrigerated facilities, while others must be designed for proprietary uses. And metal buildings are some of the most flexible structures on the market.

2. Customized Exteriors

It's not only the inside that counts! Many distribution centers will also want specialized exteriors designed with function and branding in mind. Luckily, metal buildings are perfect for that and can be crafted for any business style.

3. Strength and Durability

No matter how far you search, you’ll be hard-pressed to discover a stronger building material than steel. Unlike brittle wooden and concrete alternatives, steel naturally bends when exposed to external forces. This flexibility allows the steel to handle heavier weight than just about any other material and makes them perfect for jobs where durability is needed.

4. Clear Span Square Footage

Clear span buildings can offer immense square footage without impeding support beams. This makes them especially useful for large distribution centers, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities that need tons of open space to function. With these buildings, storing inventory, equipment, and personnel will never be an issue!

5. Cost-Efficiency

With lumber costs soaring, constructing distribution centers from wood has become excessively expensive. As a result, steel buildings have become one of the most valued building materials due to their low cost.

6. Quick Construction

Metal buildings can be constructed in a fraction of the time it takes to build stick-built alternatives. Where many wooden buildings might take months or even years to complete, a metal building can be finished in days or weeks. This makes them extremely valuable for large retailers that need to be able to open new locations quickly and efficiently.

Coast to Coast Carports is Your Number One Provider for Metal Buildings

Whether you need a metal warehouse or you’re building a new office space or distribution center, you can count on Coast to Coast Carports to offer a wide range of steel structures to suit any need. We’re proud to provide you with premium metal structures that are engineered for strength, versatility, and affordability.

So, if you’ve been thinking about the most efficient way to build your company’s new distribution center, you’ve come to the right place! Give us a call today at (866) 681-7846 and let our team of building experts help you design and customize an industrial facility that suits your business needs!

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