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16Sep 2020Metal Buildings

Should You Include a Concrete Foundation for Your Metal Building Project?


One of the primary benefits of metal buildings is the ease with which and extent to which they can be customized. When designing your custom steel structure, you will have control over nearly every aspect of the building, from the doors and windows to the roofs and floors. Each choice you make will affect your building extensively, allowing you to make it truly yours. Some features may be primarily aesthetic, others purely structural, and others straddle the line between the two. One of the most important decisions you will make in regards to your metal building's design and structure will be the flooring and foundation you choose. For many, this decision comes down to the popularity, durability, and versatility of the foundation. That's why many buyers opt for concrete.

Reasons to Add Concrete to Your New Steel Building

There are many reasons to opt for concrete when designing your new steel building. The importance of these reasons will depend on your personal preferences and the specifics of your situation, but all play a significant role in the final outcome. To help you make the right decision for your particular needs, we've listed the top five benefits of concrete below. Check them out!

  • Anchor Away : The strength of metal buildings is well-known and relies on several factors. While steel itself is very strong and the engineering behind metal structures contributes heavily to their immense strength, these traits mean little if the building is not properly anchored. Concrete foundations provide the ultimate mounting surface for anchors to be held, meaning your metal building will remain sturdy even in the face of extreme weather. Because the anchors are set when the concrete is poured, they are firmly secured.

  • Completely Level : When the installation surface is prepared properly, including the removal of potential obstructions and correct leveling, concrete will provide a perfectly level foundation. This is exceptionally important when installing prefab metal buildings, as even the slightest inconsistency can cause elements of the building to be misaligned. Once the building is installed, the completely level concrete foundation will ensure that no instability occurs!

  • Customization : Not all buildings are generic squares or one-size-fits-all designs. When your building has custom dimensions, unique shapes, or is designed to be future-proof, concrete is the best option. Because it can be poured to fit any design, concrete is the perfect foundational material for any metal building. You can even have a parking area poured at the same time to provide a seamless look. The possibilities are infinite and entirely up to you!

  • Moisture Resistance : Water is often the enemy of buildings. It can cause mold, mildew, and decay. Thankfully, concrete is moisture-resistant, meaning it can get wet and remain unaffected. This is exceptionally important for long-term durability, especially if the structure is being used to store wet equipment. You don't have to worry about drying lawn equipment, pool equipment, or anything other wet items before putting them away.

  • Robustness : One of the most advantageous characteristics of concrete is its robustness. As an incredibly durable, sturdy material, its use as a foundational element of your prefab metal building provides many benefits, including its resistance to bending, shifting, or otherwise moving. While cracks can occur when the ground is not leveled and prepared properly, they are easily fixed by licensed contractors. In other words, unless installed incorrectly or somehow abused, concrete provides a consistent, long-lasting foundation for your metal building.

Coast to Coast Carports : Providing Only the Best

While some metal building manufacturers may cut corners to save a few bucks, leaving their customers to deal with the consequences, Coast to Coast Carports is committed to providing only the best. This means it consistently gives customers the best buying experience, customer service, and building quality in the industry. If you are looking for a steel building manufacturer who will work with you to ensure you receive the features you want and quality you deserve, Coast to Coast Carports is the solution. Call today on [(866) 681-7846](tel:(866) 681-7846) to speak to an experienced prefab steel building professional who will answer your questions, give you a custom quote, and otherwise guide you through the customization and ordering process!

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