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What to Expect

Customers New to Metal Buildings!

Coast To Coast Carports is pleased to offer financing to qualified buyers. We are happy to make the process of buying a carport or metal structure easier for our customers. There are just a few things you need to know about how our financing works. We require a certain amount of money up front. This is along with a 10% down payment for your proposed building. We’ll need you to have a minimum credit score. All financing customers must be homeowners. We also require a copy of your driver’s license or state ID card.

Financing is available for single structures. You can also finance multiple buildings at once, or an additional part of a larger building. We are pleased to offer affordable monthly rates to qualifying borrowers. Plus, you don’t have to worry about payments until after your building is finished.

Customers New to Metal Carports

A metal carport is a great alternative to older, wooden carports because it is both more affordable and will last longer. Some people are concerned about the appearance of metal sheeting next to their wood home. Thanks to features like dressed legs, side entry carports have an elegant appearance. These carports can complement any home. We have 12 color options available for the panels and trim. That way we can even match the house. A deluxe carport is an excellent example of steel engineering creating an attractive and strong structure. Learn more about why a metal structure might be right for you.

New to Coast to Coast Carports, Inc.?

Coast To Coast prides itself on being the largest manufacturer of steel buildings in the United States. We are pleased to be able to build almost any custom order. Hundreds of thousands of customers order large, complex items nearly every day. We do our best to satisfy all of them 100%. We aim to deliver the highest quality work, with the best possible customer service. We proudly stand against our competitors. We are confident that you will find that we provide the best customer satisfaction in the industry. Our customers are our highest priority. We focus on keeping our clients happy by doing what you need, when you need it. We look forward to working with all of our customers to ensure their complete satisfaction.

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Getting Ready for a Purchase

Do you want your building on a Concrete Slab ?

When deciding what kind of building to get and how big to get it, one should follow this list:

  • What do I need my metal building for?
  • Will the building have one or more purposes?
  • What Type of building will best fit this need? (Carport, garage, barn, loafing shed, utility carport, workshop, warehouse, or something else?)
  • Will this building need to be certified? (Contact your local building department at the courthouse)
  • What style of this building do I want (regular, A-Frame?)
  • What roof style will I want? (Horizontal or vertical)
  • If I need roll up doors, how tall will they need to be? (Walls will need to be as tall or as tall as 2’ taller than the doors)
  • How tall will I need the building to be?
  • What square footage do I need and how much space do I have to work with?
  • What options or extras will I want? (They include walk-in doors, windows, extra panels, special anchors, skylights, kick walls, gabled ends, wood floors, & more)
  • What kind of foundation is this building going to need?
  • How much can I afford? (A 10% Deposit is required to place an order)

Our Direct Sales Department can help you with these questions: (866) 681-7846

After The Purchase, Before Delivery

There are several things a customer may need to do before Coast To Coast Carports can install the customers’ building on the site they want. It is the customer’s responsibility to prepare the foundation for the carports or buildings. This may mean having to pour concrete foundation, or level a plot of land. Also, the customer needs to contact the “call before you dig” department in their area (811). Coast to Coast Carports uses anchors that burrow up to 4’ deep. Coast to Coast is not responsible for damage to underground lines, pipes, or wires.

Delivery time varies for many reasons. This can include both location and order size. Our average delivery times can vary by area. The general waiting period for delivery is typically between two and six weeks. We strive to keep our customers waiting no longer than 60 days for their building’s arrival.

Installation time depends mostly on the building size. Weather and the state of the foundation can also be factors. Under most circumstances, our crews can fully install an average carport in under two hours. An average garage typically takes six hours. A standard barn will usually require eight hours of labor.

Upon building completion, the customer will have the opportunity for building approval. After approval, payment is required for the remainder of the balance.


Some areas require customers to acquire permits before Coast To Coast can construct a building. This is determined by the city, county, and state building codes. It is the customer’s responsibility to find out if a permit is required and to acquire it. This is unless you are in New Mexico. New Mexico permits must be acquired by Coast to Coast. This can normally be done at the county courthouse or city building department. Coast To Coast Carports offers “Certified” buildings. These are built specifically to meet certain wind and snow loads required by different areas.

Coast to Coast also offers drawings and calculations on certified buildings. Drawings are usually required in order to be approved for a permit by the city or county. Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and California require permits for most, if not all, buildings. Most high elevation areas require certification to meet snow loads. Many coastal areas require certification for wind loads. Contact your local courthouse or building department to learn more about certification requirements in your area.

Trim & Custom Parts

Learn all about our available trim and custom parts here. We offer 26 & 29 paneling and trim in 12 different colors. With our industrial automatic press, we can manufacture almost any trim. We can make any trim piece up to 21 feet long. Explore our website or call us today to learn more about our options for custom trim.


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