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  • P127

    Love my new Garage. The workers got here about 5pm and was finished at 9:pm. They did a wonderful job and were rill friendly. I would highly refer Coast to Coast for anyone who needs a building.

    - Jerald
  • P41

    I am so pleased with our side entry carport. Coast to coast has a wonderful business ethic and stand by their product. They did great keeping in contact with me. We had a few glitches in our transactions but the people I dealt with were beyond fantastic in fixing it. We also had an issue with the initial install being below expectations for quality but coast to coast was on it and fixed it better than ever. I am so pleased to have been able to do business with them and would and will recommend them to anyone. We have plans for another carport next year and will be back to do business with them because of the great experience in working with them. Thank you!

    - Tiana Santos
  • P94

    Beginning with Nikki in the Direct Sales Dept. to the crew who arrived at the crack of dawn to get the job done...Thank you for the excellent service. Very impressed with the professionalism and expertise of everyone we dealt with in this company. Loafing shed looks great, and extra trailer anchors have been tested and withstanding our magnificent winds. Coast to Coast Carports, Inc. gives extraordinary service...thanks again

    - Guy
  • P98

    The service that I received from Coast To Coast was excellent and very professional. There were a few set backs such as: permit issues (I needed a building permit before they could set up my carport)and 1 reschedule due to bad weather, but all in all the service and the crew were wonderful. I would refer them to anyone who asks and am planning to purchase another carport in the near future.

    - Mrs. Tina W
  • P5

    We will highly recommend coast to coast carport to all our family and friends. We are super happy with our building. The crew that installed it was AWESOME!! Even the pouring rain didn't slow them down! They were hard working, efficient, courteous and paid close attention to every detail. They didn't take a single break! The dealer Gene Thomas was easy to work with and the office personnel were very helpful. They all deserve a great big bonus! Thank-you very much for a great product! Happy Holidays!!

    - Jo Ann Hobbie
  • P41

    I would like to compliment you on your crew, The four young men that came to install my carport were very polite and Professional, I was really amazed at how fast they got the job done and it looks fabulous. I would highly recommend coast-to-coast to anyone. Thank you Mrs.Sue Sweetman Board Camp Arkansas

    - Mrs. Sue Sweetman
  • P106

    I am so very impressed with my new carport. The crew arrived looked at the spot for the carport we discussed how I wanted it. They made a few suggestions. Told me it would take about four hours. they got to work and I tell you 3 hours and 45 minutes later I had a new addition to my home. The Crew was very professional they helped in ways I could not imagine. The ground was not as level as I thought but they explained that they could work with that and they did. This is my shout out to Coast to Coast. Thanks for a Job WELL Done!!!!

    - Marie A. Lofton
  • P26

    Rv cover looks great crew was great. This is my second one.

    - Frank
  • P30

    Quality of product is what I expected and looks so nice in one days time. Both garage doors were scratched up and one has dents. This I will take up with the company. Now the subcontractors they hired were a different story. I had them redo two ends and a doorway they had measured short 2 inches. After I settled up I done a onceover real quick, and before leaving town I caught up with them as they had not tightened the cement anchors down. I could hand turn 7 of the nuts and they came back immediately with a pair of CHANNEL LOCK PLIERS to tighten them. Do they not have an impact wrench or ratchet? I let them use the ones I had. They were courteous and hard working. But the one worker cost them some time for sure.

    - Jessica
  • P117

    I thought these carports were a come on. I was very pleased with the product & the guys that installed it. I have one I bought 25 years ago from a local company. Your carport is superior in every way and the cost was less than half of what I paid 25 years ago. Keep up the good work. I will recommend your company to all that ask. Thanks again!!

    - Joe Mixon
  • P12

    Awesome workers. Super 24x40 enclosed with 2 garage doors and 2 shop doors and time building was incredibly fast and efficient. i bought the workers to go boxes with Mexican food and tipped them well. I can't thank you enough for the fine work.

    - Becky Baird
  • P120

    I would like to refer Andy Villegas in Direct Sales, we had heard so much about your product so we had placed an order, unfortunately we had a medical emergency and was pleased how Andy handled getting our deposit back, we look forward to doing business with this salesman again in the future. Thanks Again Andy!

    - Connie Valdez
  • P59

    Exactly 4 weeks after the carport contract was done, the 3-man crew arrived. This was at least 2 weeks earlier than expected. The 3-man crew was courteous, obvious professional workers, and did not leave behind any type of trash or scraps when they were done. Their finished carport project looks excellent. Coast To Coast carports are highly recommended.

    - R. R.
  • P20

    This would be a perfect rating, except for the fact that the crew that built my garage left a mess in my yard. They left their trash behind, not only from their lunch, but also a ton of metal shavings, metal pieces, and hundreds of screws. To top it off, I gave them rides to get food as well as to retrieve extra material that they stated they needed. The multiple rides were not a problem, a simple thank you and take your trash would have been nice. The cherry on top is the fact that they spray painted some parts and used my trailer as the area to spray paint, leaving streaks of paint on my trailer. Completely disregarded that this was my property and not theirs. Before this sounds like a negative review, I would like to extend my gratitude to the ladies over the phone. Nickie and Vanessa, they made this process easy and were very helpful. My many thanks to both of them. The product came out great, if I order again, I would not let the same crew work in my yard.

    - Christopher
  • P116

    Arrived at 7:05, had the carport up & ready to go in an hour. Crew was professional & did a great job!

    - Melissa Fults
  • P112

    We couldn't be happier. We purchased one of your carports for our outdoor kitchen. It is attractive, durable and much bigger than anything else in our budget. The Salesman, Terry Kirkland at Kirkland Buildings, was professional and honest and the installers were done in about 2 hours. Everyone loves our back yard now. Thanks so much!

    - Kory
  • P7

    *I just want to sing praises of amazing and rare professionalism exhibited by the staff of Coast to Coast. Aisha- you are the face of the company, and have been a joyful pleasure to do business with! I hope your managers and administration value your expert and enthusiastic professionalism! You deserve a bonus, a raise...something to recognize your level of integrity and authenticity. Customer service is everything! You shine! The crew that came twice, I could speak as highly of these young men, as I have described Aisha's professionalism. Juan was the leader, with Omar, Kevin and Jesus. Jesus did not come when the building was erected this past Saturday, but I must say the level of integrity and diligence in work, neither my husband have seen so acutely in having something done. We had our house resided, new windows & roofing 2 summers ago and the crews were great, and the final product was amazing, however YOUR CREW at Coast to Coast made those guys look like sloths! The highest of standards these young men demonstrated is so rare. I provided a meal to them the first visit, I so wished I could have done more or was vastly rich as to give them a bonus! Amazing young men that would make any Mother & Father proud. Intelligent, kind, gentle, they oozed INTEGRITY & CUSTOMER SERVICE EXTRAORDINAIRE! Please let all know how much we have valued your expertise, professionalism, integrity, and value. Our building is PERFECT and we want the members of your team that served us to realize their value, you have every reason to reward these employees with something wonderful! They are the face of your company and are worth noting generously! Warmest Regards and Thanks so much! Becky and Bruce Clark

    - Becky Clark
  • P119

    I asked for a 18x26x7 fully enclosed with walk in door n garage door n they sent this crew lead by Andres Quintana. Weather was windy n chilly, they work non stop till finishing in the dark. I watch them putting it up n I'm impressed with this young man in perfectionism. I own a few properties n got carports put up before but by far this crew r the best I've come across. Not only they all speak english, they r polite n willing to work with your suggestion. They might not be as fast as other crew but this young man sure check n double chec n triple check before he leaves to ensure that everything is up in good order. I'm impressed. I just wish coast to coast would find n train more crew members like Andres n be sure to keep him. He's an asset to your company n it's a great pleasure to watch them work. I highly recommended anyone n everyone to request for this young man to come n install for u, then u don't have to worry about anything or not level or missing a screw etc. Thank u folk for your time.

    - Bill Alcorn
  • P99

    They stand behind the warranty . They just replaced the roof on my carport. The crew was kind and professional!!! They sent the crew as soon as one was in the area. Would use them again!

    - Daniel Matthews
  • P90

    Love my new building. It looks great and will keep my equipment out of the elements. I ordered it and 3 weeks later I have a building. I had an issue with the door openings not being correct and Christal sent the crew out 2 days later and it is now perfect! She was a pleasure to deal with!

    - Scott
  • P64

    The crew arrived to put up the new carport. We purchased a single carport for us to sit under in the summer. It was put up in about 45 minutes. I had not noticed the area was not that level. The guys leveled it and anchored it down. It looks great. I was concerned about a tree and they instantly went to measuring and told it was not a problem. The crew cleaned up after themselves. I would have spent half the day just trying to figure out where the pieces went. Great job and service from this company.

    - Ferguson
  • P91

    We have had two of your buildings. The first was blown away by a small tornado. The second we have had for about 10 years. You all have been super. You came and reanchored it when we had some very strong winds here. We then had more siding added, and your were right here. I have recommended you to many people because you are worth it! Thanks, MP

    - Marlene Putnam
  • P105

    I have been working with your company for over a month, the second crew was Amazing and did a Fantastic Job! I have to tell you that Mary and Ruth put up with me the whole time. The carport looks and is a dream come true, I rarely give complements but have to in this case. Thanks to them. They worked with me in dealing with the first crew and got the best second crew I have ever seen. Thanks Again for a Great product and would refer it to anybody in the mountains that I live in!

    - Don
  • P46

    Hi, just wanted to compliment you on such a fine product. My son and I just pulled up the base of our carport and we were going to move it to his farm and after 10 years, I was expecting for it to fall apart from rust, but to my surprise, it looks great! Again, thanks for such an excellent product. Keep up the good work!

    - Tom and David

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