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Insulation For Custom Metal Buildings

Coast To Coast Carports offers insulation on all of our custom metal buildings. While having an enclosed metal carport, garage, or metal shed is a huge convenience, you can make your building an even better investment by insulating it for maximum comfort.

At your request, Coast To Coast can install Prodex Total Insulation in between the panels and frame of your building. Prodex Total Insulation creates a more comfortable environment that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. This method will ensure your insulation stays in place for as long as your building stands.

Prodex Total Insulation is a foil-foam-foil insulation with a single layer rating of R16 and a double layer rating of R21. In other words, this type of insulation is the best you can get when it comes to metal buildings, and our customers use it to turn their buildings into the spaces they’ve always wanted. Find out more about all the different ways you can use our insulation options to get the most out of your metal building.

Fire Fire Retardant Show Flame Propagation Material
Fire Fire Retardant Show Flame Propagation Material
Doesn’t Leak When Fasten
Doesn’t Leak When Fasten
Keeps Its Thickness Over The Time
Keeps Its Thickness Over The Time
Prevents Pass Of Insect
Prevents Pass Of Insect
Prevents Condensation
Prevents Condensation
Aluminum Both Faces Reflecting Radiation Heat
Aluminum Both Faces Reflecting Radiation Heat
Thermally Bound
Thermally Bound
Thermic Insulation
Thermic Insulation
Waterproof Isolation
Waterproof Isolation

Insulated Metal Building Applications

Adding insulation to your metal building brings all kinds of benefits. We work with a diverse range of applications depending on your particular needs. Check out a few of the types of insulation we can install and how you can take advantage of it below.

  • P30


    Insulating the wall between your garage and the rest of the house will reduce heat, cold, and noise from coming into your home. If you have a detached metal garage or an enclosed carport, adding insulation can make it more comfortable in any season.

  • P18

    Metal Buildings

    Ever wonder why it’s so hot and wet inside a metal building in the summer and so cold and damp in winter? A lack of insulation creates an environment that leads to these types of uncomfortable conditions. By adding the right insulation, you can keep the elements outside, eliminating condensation and extreme temperatures while creating a space that’s much more enjoyable. Whether you need a place for your workshop or room for relaxation, insulating your metal building brings endless possibilities.

  • P1


    Agricultural Barns from Coast to Coast Carports and made from galvanized steel and the finest construction. Three barn styles(A-Frame, Regular, and Straight roof) make it simple to find a barn that meets the needs required. Fully enclosed and insulated or completely open, Coast to Coast Carports can build any custom barn.

  • poultry-houses

    Poultry Houses

    A little known natural phenomenon called the “black-globe effect” is a definite stress factor relating to the cost efficiency (or inefficiency) of weight gain in meat-producing animals and birds. When temperatures are in excess of 78 degrees Fahrenheit, animals like poultry or livestock absorb excess energy from the sun, even within a covered building. That radiant energy raises their temperatures and hinders growth and efficiency. Insulating any building that houses livestock or poultry leads to healthier animals and better yields.

  • P12


    Everyone knows that heat rises, and that’s why you experience more heat loss through your roof than through your walls. Adding roof insulation works to reverse this phenomenon, keeping temperatures more stable and comfortable.

  • P75a


    Radiation accounts for 65-85 percent of all heat transfer through walls, so you can see why insulation is so useful. Coast To Coast Carports offers top-quality insulation for the walls of your metal building to help regulate the building’s temperature and keep the ambient outdoor air where it belongs – outside – so you can enjoy more comfortable temperatures inside.


Prodex Total Insulation

*R-value 16 (one layer)
*R-value 21.10 (two layers)

Value Regulation
Cell Structure
Nominal Thickness
13/64 inch 5 mm
Perm rating
Less than 0.1 (class 1 vapor barrier)
Noise reduction
19dba impact noise
IRAM 4063
Flame Spread Index
25 or less
Smoke Developed Index
45 or less
UL 723, UBC 8-1, NFPA 255

Turn Your Garage, Shed, or Carport Info Your Home Hangout Spot

With the right insulation, you can turn your metal building into a workshop, a man-cave, a she-shed, or whatever else you can imagine. Learn more about all of your amazing options when you install an insulated carport or garage. Fill out our form for your free quote and get started today.


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