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Utility Carports


There are many reasons you can benefit from utility carports. Protecting your vehicle is a top priority. However, you can use this space for residential, commercial, agricultural, and semi-industrial purposes. Just think of a designated room for storage, workspaces, and so much more.

Utility carports are functional and versatile buildings that have an additional enclosed building along with an open carport. If you need a facility that can function as a carport with another space for other activities, then the utility carport is your best bet. Call Coast to Coast Carports at (866) 681-7846 to order steel utility carports today. You can expect complete customer satisfaction thanks to an exclusive 20-year rust-through warranty.

  • Outstanding metal carport, available at an affordable price.
  • Made from the highest-quality, galvanized, American-made steel.
  • Engineer-certified carport to meet your state codes.
  • Flexible, fully-customizable, and adaptable to fit your needs.
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Roof Styles for Metal Utility Carports

Utility carports from Coast to Coast Carports are designed to be versatile and functional. They are a marriage of traditional carports and modern architecture — a blend of strength, durability, and versatility.

One of the most essential features of utility carports is the roof styles. There are three custom roof styles available for your utility carports. These roof styles are not recommended only for their aesthetic quality but also for their strength and durability. In fact, they add to your utility carport's structural integrity.

Here are the three custom roof styles and their qualities or features:

Regular roof style

Regular roof style has horizontal paneling that curves to meet the building's wall. Though this type of roof style is called regular, it is anything but regular. Experts designed it to maximize your building's structural integrity by giving it more durability and strength to withstand a moderate load.

The regular roof style is also the most affordable of all options. The professionals manufacture it in a way that reduces waste and is environmentally friendly. If you're on a tight budget and live in an area where the weather is not harsh, then this roofing style is recommended for you.

A-Frame horizontal roof style

The A-Frame horizontal roof style is also known as the Boxed-Eave roof style. You can consider this style as an upgrade to the regular roof style. A-Frame Horizontal roof styles feature horizontal paneling but with added steel frames and components to give it more strength and durability. This roof style retains the affordability of regular roof style but with added tweaks to make it better.

The building specialists at Coast to Coast Carports recommend this style for people looking for an affordable roof style that guarantees protection from weather conditions. The eaves in Boxed-Eave roofs help direct debris from the building and lighten the structure's load. If you're building in an area where there is moderate weather, this roof style is better for you.

Vertical roof style

Vertical roof style features a noticeable departure from the style and designs of the previous roof styles. A vertical roof is costly, but the benefits far outweigh the cost of getting it. This type of roof style is popularly adjudged as the best there is — that is mainly because of its remarkable load-bearing qualities and the fact that it doesn't require any maintenance.

Experts design the vertical roof style with a vertically placed roof paneling that allows debris and loads to fall from the top of the building and is also quite capable of taking a lot of weight.

Building specialists typically recommend this type of roof style for projects based in areas where the weather is very harsh and unforgivable.

If you need guidance on which kind of roof style is better for your utility carport, call Coast to Coast Carports sales representative today at (866) 681-7846.

Customization Options for Utility Carports

The goal of the average customer service company is to provide customer satisfaction. Coast to Coast Carports has gone above and beyond the call of duty to enhance customer experience and satisfaction. Nothing is more important than the customers and their metal buildings. To show dedication to customer satisfaction, Coast to Coast Carports has introduced flexibility in the manufacturing and designing of steel utility carports.

You can now take charge of building your dream utility carport by taking advantage of customization options. Coast to Coast Carports offers you various options designed to make your building an extension of your will, purpose, and fit to your needs.

Customization options include: adding a side entry to your enclosed space for easy access to the alternative or additional building. You can also choose what size of utility carport to build, although Coast to Coast Carports stands ready to advise you on various concepts and models.

Additional customization options include choosing between the 12 and 14-gauge steel framing, 26 and 29-roof gauge, certifications, and color options. Coast to Coast Carports offers you 13 color options to choose from. They include Barn Red, Black, Burgundy, Clay, Earth Brown, Evergreen, Pebble Beige, Pewter Gray, Quaker Gray, Rawhide, Slate Blue, White, and Sandstone.

For assistance in making customization choices or choosing the best option, you can call Coast to Coast Carports at (866) 681-7846.

Applications and Alternative Uses of Steel Utility Carports

Professionals design utility carports to be functional and versatile. The added durability gained from steel components makes long-term use guaranteed. Here are some of the alternative benefits or applications of metal utility carports:

  • Yoga training: you can convert the utility carport's enclosed area to a yoga training area or gym space. It can serve as a safe place to do yoga and keep you and your class safe when the weather is capricious.
  • Storage: this a popular alternative function for the enclosed part of your utility carport. If you need a place to keep unused furniture, sharp instruments, lawn equipment, and so on, we recommend getting a highly versatile and affordable utility carport.
  • Man-cave: everyone needs privacy. Your utility carport can give you that privacy. You only need to convert or customize the enclosed part into your personal space or man cave. Have a lifetime of fun and excitement at a minimal cost.
  • Workshop: you can also turn your utility carport into a workshop or office space. You only need to redesign or customize the area to fit your needs and purposes.
  • Entertainment area: your utility carport can also double as a staging area or venue for a family picnic, birthday party, and family dinners.

Utility Carport Prices and Financing Options

Coast to Coast Carports offers the most affordable and highly rated custom utility carport in the industry. The competitive prices are more than a bargain. They are investments, and Coast to Coast Carports is determined to get you the best. Coast to Coast Carports has some of the most affordable utility carports on the market. However, certain factors may drive up the price of your building. Those factors include your customization choices, location, and so on.

It is to balance this and make sure that all their products remain accessible regardless of your budget or financial situation that Coast to Coast Carports came up with financial programs aimed at streamlining your metal building ownership. The economic program includes options like rent-to-own and traditional financing.

Utility Carport Kits for DIY Projects

Are you the DIY kind? If you are, there's good news for you. You can reduce the price you pay for a utility carport building if you opt for utility carport kits from Coast to Coast Carports instead. These kits are highly affordable and also simple to set up. You can install your utility carport at your own pace and schedule while also gaining valuable experience. To get your high-quality utility carport kits, call a sales representative at (866) 681-7846 and place your order.

Invest in Steel Utility Carports Today, and You Won't Regret It

You can upgrade your property value right away with a functional and versatile carport. When you call Coast to Coast Carports at (866) 681-7846, you can be sure that your project is in the best hands. Don't forget to ask about free and fast delivery and installation for metal utility carports. You can trust Coast to Coast Carports metal building expertise to give you the best quality at the most affordable price.

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