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3 Car Garages


We understand how frustrating it can be having to wash layers of pollen off your car or when you get soaked carrying groceries inside. These situations are headaches everyone tries to avoid, but what if we told you that you could avoid it all? Here at Coast to Coast Carports, we have a large selection of versatile, affordable metal garages to choose from. And for those customers who have multiple vehicles to shelter or require an ample amount of space, our three-car metal garages could be just the answer for you.

  • Made from top-of-the-line American steel, tough and built to last.
  • Completely customizable, perfect for your custom projects or storing cars.
  • Available both in 14-gauge steel frames and 12-gauge steel frames.
  • Insulation available to protect your metal garage for many years to come.
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So, what is a 3-car garage? These garages usually start at 20’ wide but can go up to 30’ wide, depending on your needs and budget. For those who prefer extra room to move around and perform the required maintenance, we recommend opting for a 30’ wide garage.

Roof Styles for Triple Car Garages

When it comes to choosing the perfect roof for your three-car garage, it’s kind of like picking the perfect icing for a cake. On top of making your garage aesthetically pleasing, it also helps to keep the garage standing strong. We offer three roof styles for our customers to choose from; regular, A-frame, and vertical.

Regular (Good)

Not only is the regular roof our most economical option, but it’s also the metal building industry’s original roof design. Its horizontally-oriented panels provide reliable protection in areas that receive very little precipitation and no winds.

A-Frame (Better)

This roof design is also referred to as a boxed-eave or A-frame horizontal style. And with horizontal panels running side to side, it’s easy to see where it got its name from. We recommend this roof to customers who live in areas with some high winds and little snow or rain.

Vertical (Best)

Compared to our other roof styles, the vertical is our more durable and most popular option. It has been designed and engineered to withstand all climate types; however, we highly-recommend this roof for harsh weather conditions. It is also required for structures that have a length of 36’ or more.

3 Car Garage Kits and Installation

Would you believe us if we told you there’s a way to purchase your dream garage for only a fraction of the regular price AND you can install it on your own time? Here at Coast to Coast Carports, we offer kits for all our steel buildings, including our garages. 3-car garage kits allow you to get the garage you’ve always wanted, and have it set up and ready-to-go within a matter of days.

When you install your garage kit, we recommend having extra hands there to help with the assembly. Not only will this speed up production, but it is much safer to have help during this step.

Framing Options for Three Car Garages

The customization options we offer at Coast to Coast go well beyond the color of your structure or the number of windows and doors you choose. We also allow you to choose between a few different types of metal framing: 14-gauge and 12-gauge. The 14-gauge tubing measures at 2 ½” x 2 ½” inches thick, while the 12-gauge measures 2 ¼” x 2 ¼”. Despite the fact that 12-gauge is thicker than 14-gauge, it is the stronger option among the two. We recommend the 12-gauge for all larger structures and for areas that are prone to harsh weather conditions. For more information regarding our framing options, give us a call today or visit our website for assistance.

Put Your Garage to Good Use

From functional to fun, there is something from everyone. As adults, we tend to forget that we can still use our imagination and think outside the box. For example, when we look at a garage, we see a place to park your vehicle/s and/or store additional items. While you wouldn’t be wrong, there are so many more possibilities for these structures!

  • Gym – If you hate going to public gyms or if you’re simply ready to find the perfect fitness regimen, a home gym in your garage is a great place to start. With some rubber flooring, pieces of equipment, and some motivation, you can have the perfect setup to get started.

  • Man Cave – It’s something every man dreams of having… a man cave. A place you and your friends can go to sit back, relax, and watch the football game. And the best part is you can do whatever you want with it! Add a foosball table, pool table, drink machine, massaging chairs, and anything else you desire.

  • Playroom – A common issue among parents nowadays is technology, they are constantly battling iPads, Macbooks, iPhones, and everything in between. Convert one of our triple car garages into a playroom for younger children, or a place for teenagers to go hangout with friends. And the best part is you can make it technology-free.

  • Library – Have you seen Beauty and the Beast? Every reader wishes they could own a library as big as the one in the Beast’s castle, and with one of our three-car garages, you can have it. Bring in some nice bookshelves, some new flooring, and decorate your garage to make the perfect library. This could also function as a study room or office.

  • Equipment Storage – Do you own heavy equipment such as tractors, dump trucks, balers, etc.? In order for your equipment to run properly and remain in good condition, you need to supply the perfect shelter. Keep all your equipment and other vehicles protected from Mother Nature in one of our 3-car prefab garages.

Why You Should Purchase a 3 Car Garage

Steel garages are a convenient, affordable way to store your belongings and protect your vehicles from foul weather conditions. But there are so many more advantages to investing in one of our three car garages than their convenience and affordability.

  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Durable
  • Easy to Install
  • Generous Amount of Room
  • Roof Styles
  • Fire-Resistant
  • Fully-Customizable

Three Car Garage Prices

Have you ever really wanted something that was just out of your price range? That feeling you get is one we did not want our customers at Coast to Coast Carports to ever feel. So, we made sure to offer prices that are affordable to everyone AND additional financing and rent-to-own programs for assistance.

The final price of your metal structure will be determined based on several factors, including the size of your building, customizations, the manufacturer, and your location. But don’t be discouraged, we guarantee all our customers that we will help them find their dream structure at a price they can afford.

Get Your 3 Car Prefab Garage from Coast to Coast Carports

No matter what your needs or budget may be, we guarantee you will find your dream structure here at Coast to Coast Carports. Don’t wait any longer, give us a call today at (866) 681-7846 to speak with one of our building specialists.

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