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10Jan 2020Metal Buildings

The Smart Guide to Generic vs. Specific Plans for Metal Buildings


So you’ve decided on your dream metal building, and you’re ready to place an order. What should you do next? Coast to Coast Carports recommends that you must get familiar with the building permits and engineered plans. Do you really need a permit? Absolutely. You must prove to your project's city and state to ensure that you meet the non-negotiable standards of safety and construction regulations. And, even if you get a permit, your building will be subject to inspection to verify that you have built according to the approved plans and designs. You must be ready with generic or site-specific plans that your county or city might require before your metal building installation.

Do You Know the Big Difference between Generic and Specific Plans?

Say you've chosen the idea for your metal building. You might feel like you're ready to place an order for plans, but you should know what you're getting first. Get familiar as far as humanly possible with every corner and crevice of your city's codes. They will tell you whether they require the generic or specific plans discussed below.

Generic Plans

You could be in luck! Usually, generic plans from a manufacturer or prefab metal building dealer will come for free. That's right! You could present plans to your city that are already drawn up if your building qualifies. These generic plans don't require the name or address of the installation project, and you can request them right after you place your order. Then, you're ready - at no additional cost - to present them for your city's review. But, your building may not meet the conditions that allow for such generic and general plans. Instead, you may have to submit much more intensive details. That's where specific plans for the site show themselves.

Site-Specific Plans

You'll invest time and money for site-specific plans. They need to include many details about your project for the city's approval (or rejection):

  • Name of building
  • Address of site
  • Weather requirements
  • Installation information
  • Materials used
  • Construction process

You'll also need to pay for these specific plans at the time of your order from a prefabricated building dealer or manufacturer. They also take much longer to receive, in part, because they must calculate the complete picture of your metal building, including its stresses, strains, and forces.

Is There a Quick and Painless Way to Order Metal Building Plans?

There are a few things you must check before you can order engineered plans for your metal building. Before you ever order a manufactured or prefabricated metal building, you should know what plans you need and the demands of the city's planning and permitting body. So, get to know building codes and permits before all else! You can easily visit your state’s website to learn more and note their requirements before you apply or ask for plans.

Building Codes and Permits

A building permit allows you to legally install your building without interference from authorities. Isn't that what you want? Yes, a smooth installation process is ideal, and you’ll get peace once you explain all you can to local authorities about:

  • Property setback requirements
  • Required distance from other structures
  • Design load needs and conditions
  • And more

The consequence of not explaining these questions for your metal building is the total rejection of your application. Say goodbye to your project. Or, if you decide to install and build the metal structure without the permission of the city and state authorities, the consequences are serious. We're talking about fines, penalties, and many more problems.

Do You Know the Cost of Stamped Plans for Steel Buildings?

Many pre-engineered steel building companies charge customers for specific plans. Usually, these exist in a low, inexpensive range for small buildings, but they could be much more and thousands of dollars depending on the building type, the size of the metal building, the manufacturer, or the installer.

What Should I Take Away from This "Permit and Plans" Guide?

Obeying building codes and obtaining permits for your metal building installation is important. Get familiar with codes, permits, and plan requirements before you plan to buy your dream metal building. And, know this: When you buy metal buildings from Coast to Coast Carports, you get reasonably priced plans as well as some of the highest quality steel structures (including an exclusive 20-year rust-through warranty). You can't get that just anywhere. Coast to Coast Carports delivery is free and fast, supported by expert design consultants, great customer service, and high satisfaction rates. Contact Coast to Coast Carports today at (866) 681-7846 to get started selecting the perfect metal building for you, and consult experts on the codes and permits you may need to observe to get it installed.

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